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J-Term Short Course Sign-Up

Short Courses are co-curricular experiences designed to allow you to explore topics, activities, and skills that you may not otherwise have the opportunity to explore during your time at Randolph-Macon College. Short Courses are not for credit. They do, however, offer you the opportunity to learn new skills and participate in intentional exploration without the time commitment required of traditional semester long courses.

Each Short Course section is independent and designed to stand alone. You may take them as a group or mix and match to fit your schedule and desires. So feel free to register for as many or as few as you would like. Most importantly, we hope that you will take the time this J-term to Edutain Yourself!

How Much Do They Cost?

Short Courses are FREE for Randolph-Macon College Students enrolled in J-term courses! Faculty and Staff are welcome to participate for a materials fee of $10.00 per short course.

Course Offerings

Cake Decorating - Who doesn't love cake? Ever want to learn how to really put together a masterpiece cake and decorate it like the pro's or semi-pro? Now is your chance! (Spots Available: 15)

Crafting with Casey Kaufman or Jayme Watkins - From bow making to scrap booking, these courses are sure to offer you and opportunity to be creative, show off your crafting skills, and just unwind. (Spots Available: 30)

Creative Writing with Carrie Noonan - Are you a wizard with words and stories? Ever want to create your own novella but aren't sure how? Even if neither of the above are true for you and you just want to write, join us! You would be surprised at the stories you could create! (Spots Available: 15)

Jewelry Making with Anne Throck-Morton - Ever want to create that unique, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry for yourself, a friend, family member or girlfriend/boyfriend? Now is your chance! Valentine's Day is not too far away! Join us in creating something that is as unique as you are. Your gift will be priceless! (Spots Available: 20)

Microwave Chef: You live in a college dormitory, that doesn't have a community kitchen, it's cold outside and the dining hall is closed? What will you eat now? Learn how to get creative and tap into your inner chef using your microwave! (Spots Available: 20)

Photography - So you have a digital camera and only know how to use the basic settings, join us as we expand your knowledge of your digital camera. Learn some new techniques for creating your very own masterpiece photo. (Spots Available: 15)

Sign Language - Have you ever wanted the opportunity to learn a language which uses the hands, facial expression, and body language rather than the voice? Now is your chance. This short course will begin with the basics with each class giving you more and more to learn. All levels are welcome. **Please note that this course is taught in full sign, no speaking will be utilized. The information provided will not be repeated in each class. (Spots Available: 15)

Water Colors with James McGhee - Who knew James McGhee was an artist? Well we all have an artist hidden inside us. Tap into your inner artist and create a water color masterpiece fit for a gift or to decorate that empty wall space in your room. (Spots Available: 30)

Wintergreen Night Skiing – Ever wanted to learn how to ski or snowboard but haven’t been offer the chance? Do you know how to ski snowboard and just want the chance to brush up on or show off your skills? Join us for a night of skiing, snowboarding and inner-tubing on the slopes of Wintergreen Mountain Resort! (Spots Available: 50)

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