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Hello, DePaul!  

We are ActOut, a LGBTQA service work and activist group at DePaul University.

Everyone and anyone is welcome at our meetings!

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Passionate about issues within the queer community? Interested in learning more about queer activism? Act Out is the answer.

Act Out DePaul is an Queer activist organization at DePaul. We meet weekly to discuss current issues facing the LGBTQIA+ community in Chicago and beyond. In our meetings, members have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of queer theory and activism. We also engage in the Chicago community by volunteering with Queer organizations throughout the city!


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Katy Weseman


What is your organization's purpose/mission?

We aim to not only raise awareness about issues facing the queer community but also to actively engage with other organizations to show the intersections of identities and create a larger community of acceptance and social consciousness at DePaul University.

Connection to DePaul Mission

How does your organization live out the mission of DePaul?

This mission statement embodies the principal purposes of DePaul University. As such it is the nexus between past, present and future; the criterion against which plans are formulated and major decisions made; the bond which unites faculty, students, staff, alumni, and trustees as an academic community. As a university, DePaul pursues the preservation, enrichment, and transmission of knowledge and culture across a broad scope of academic disciplines. It treasures its deep roots in the wisdom nourished in Catholic universities from medieval times. The principal distinguishing marks of the university are its Catholic, Vincentian, and urban character.

As an activist organization, Act Out is inherently "in-tune" with social change and community involvement. We intend to act in a way that either advocate more marginalized queer communities we are able to advocate with/for or stand in solidarity with marginalized communities. This means while we believe education is the first step to activism, we apply the knowledge we learn at regular meetings to reality, whether it is volunteering, protesting, or community organizing.

Organization Highlights

Please list the main events/programming that your organization is known for on campus. If you are registering a new student organization, please list the main events/programming that your organization is planning to bring to campus.

Act Out is widely known for the Annual and Student Drag Show as well as our involvement with MBLGTACC. Traditionally, we have hosted weekly meetings, but this will be changing during the 2017-2018 school year to cater to a larger vision of activism through hosting quarterly workshops.