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Residence Hall Association Leadership Position Application

The Residence Hall Association is a student-led organization established to serve as an advocate of the needs of students living on campus at the University of Washington Bothell while also building a welcoming and inclusive community for all students living on campus. This group is governed by an appointed executive board that plans and executes community-wide programs while also advocating for resident needs and concerns regarding their living experience. All students living on campus have a vote in the decisions of RHA and are invited to participate as active members.

Position Selection Timeline

There are five Executive Board Positions open, whose descriptions are posted below. In order to be considered for a  position on the RHA Executive Board:

  • A nominee must complete the following application in its entirety by 11:59 pm on SEPTEMBER 23, 2013.
  • Once completed, you will then be contacted to set up an interview with the Officer Selection Committee between September 24th- October 1st, 2013.
  • Selected Executive Board Members will be contacted on October 4th, 2013
  • First Executive Board Meeting will be held October 7th, 2013 at 6pm.

These positions are open to all students living on-campus at the University of Washington Bothell. If you are a returning student, the minimum GPA to interview is a 2.5 cumulative. First-year students are encouraged to participate! You will be placed on probationary status in your position until Fall quarter grades are posted.

It is important to consider that being on the Executive Board of the RHA is a year-long commitment. The time commitment is up to 8 hours a week (depending on your position) and there will be various events and meetings that you are expected to attend, including, but not limited to:

  • Weekly Executive Board Meetings
  • Weekly General Assembly Meetings
  • Major events and programming held by RHA
  • Mandatory student leadership training
  • Regional and/or national conferences
  • Other professional development and team building programs such as an RHA Executive Board Retreat

Open Positions


  • Presides over  Executive Board and General Assembly meetings
  • Sets agenda for Executive Board and General Assembly meetings
  • Act as official representative of RHA to all other student organizations and the university at large
  • Oversees all business of the Executive Board
  • Meets 1:1 with RHA Advisor and all Executive Board members weekly
  • Holds 4 office hours a week
  • Chairs the Officer Selection Committee, or in case of conflict of interest, appoints a replacement
  • Makes committee appointments when appropriate
  • Calls Emergency General Assembly meetings
  • Votes in case of a tie

Vice President

  • Coordinates RHA committees and sub-committees
  • Coordinates any RHA team bonding activities, including but not limited to retreats, professional development, and leadership training
  • Act as President in the event that the President is unable to perform their duties
  • Chair Constitution and By-Laws Committee
  • Holds 2 office hours a week

Director of Administration and Finance

  • Act as administrative assistant to the President, Exec Board and General Assembly
  • Record and distribute the minutes of each General Assembly and Exec Board meeting
  • Distribute all meeting agenda's when received from President
  • Take attendance at each Executive Board and General Assembly meeting
  • Oversee the financial affairs of RHA
  • Report on RHA budget and general financial status at each General Assembly and Exec Board meeting
  • Maintain all RHA contact lists
  • Holds 2 office hours a week

Director of Programming

  • Oversee all major, large scale programming sponsored by RHA
  • Coordinate with Director of Marketing and Outreach to promote  and publicize events
  • Ensure that all events and programming are inclusive to all residents
  • Oversee and appoint the RHA Programming Committee
  • Holds 2 office hours a week

Director of Marketing and Outreach

  • Coordinate promotion and publicity efforts for all RHA programming
  • Publicize the times and locations of all General Assembly meetings
  • Coordinate resident outreach and involvement efforts
  • Manage the RHA Facebook and other social media outlets
  • Manage RHA's branding and image
  • Holds 2 office hours a week


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