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Excellence in Student Leadership Award (ULC)

Please complete this form to nominate someone for the Excellence in Student Leadership Award. You will need to upload an essay, 2-5 double spaced pages, Times New Roman 12-pt font, that addresses all of the following:

1. Describe the person being nominated: their jobs, involvement, leadership positions, work and personal experiences, and personality.

2. Explain how the individual demonstrates a commitment to service and the community. Include information about specific actions the individual has taken to position them as a role model.

3. Provide details about the relationships the individual has formed with other students and co-workers, and the impact the individual has made in the lives of others.

4. Give 1-3 specific reasons why the individual should be granted an Excellence in Student Leadership Award. (What is the individual doing to lead and set an example for others? What are the individual's future ambitions and goals for her/his own life? What is the individual's vision for the future of their community?)

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