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2013-2014 ASUWB Student of the Month Award

About the Student of the Month Award (SMA)

What is the SMA?

  • The SMA is an award given monthly to UWB students who display exceptional leadership in groups or programs that make major contributions to the UWB community.

What is the purpose of the SMA?

  • The SMA is a fabulous way to recognize and thank UWB students for their outstanding participation and/or accomplishments.

Who can nominate/be nominated?

  • Any UWB student can be nominated by any member of the UWB community (student, faculty, department director, advisor, etc).
  • There is no limit to the number of nominations an individual can submit per month.
  • Currently paid members of ASUWB Student Government may not be nominated for Student of the Month.

When are SMA nominations due?

  •  Applications are due the 20th of every month (Autumn, Winter, Spring).
  • Nominations do not transfer month to month. You have to nominate the student for the month of the award. 

When will the winner be announced?

  • After voting, ASUWB will present the winner the first Tuesday of the month.

Award details

  •  Winners will have their picture and a description of their outstanding contribution posted on fliers around campus.
  • For more information please contact ASUWB at:


If you'd like, you can download a blank PDF version of this form.