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Welcome to Environmental Club's Orgsync page! This Club's primary mission is to spread the incredible importance and value of environmentalism and sustainability. This encompasses a wide range of different issues and subjects, from the personal decisions of consumption we make on a daily basis, all the way to the structural organization of our society as a whole. Throughout all these different levels, we will discuss what changes and adjustments can be made in order to live in a more harmonious way with our home planet, geared towards respecting, revering, and utilizing the scarce resources and environment we have inherited, and will one day pass on to the future inhabitants of our amazingly rare Earth!


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The FCLC Environmental Club is here to promote sustainable thinking and practices among our peers, facilitate Earth-friendly activities within the Fordham community, and to initiate positive change in the interest of sustainability both at Fordham and around New York City.


Service and Philanthropy

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Christiana Peppard, Ph.D

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Abbie Davidson

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Hope VanDerwater

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Sadie Whitman

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Corina Fuentes