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Molly Gagnon
Apr 13, 2017

Student Leader of the Month: April

Apr 13, 2017 by Molly Gagnon

About: Anita Mendoza has been an active member of MEChA for four years, aiding in increasing awareness and strengthening the Chican@/Latin@ student community at WSU. Anita currently serves as the committee’s chairwoman, and has coordinated multiple large events held by MEChA that have continued and expanded their mission of providing support and community for Chican@/Latin@ students. Anita is also involved in Greek Life and has been an active voice for the multicultural student community.

Thoughts from Anita: "I never thought of myself as a leader. I always did my best in each position, and it just happened that I'd be chosen for leadership positions within my organizations.

I do my best to fulfill my duties and push the people around me to do the same. I love to help people and I always see the potential that others have. I got involved my freshman year and jumped into a position my first semester with MEChA and thought it was a good way to meet new people.

I found my passion through different organizations that taught me about my culture, history, and the impact one individual can have on the communities.

I used my support systems to overcome challenges. My friends, family, and sorority sisters have been my biggest support and push me to be better than I was yesterday.

My advice is do not be scared to jump into a position in a new organization. Put yourself out there and challenge yourself to do something different than what you are used to." – Anita