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Hello and welcome to the Christian Student Association page! We have a lot of events going on every week including Bible talks, midweek services, Sunday services, and fun events.  Don't hesitate to contact us with questions (click on communication on the menu on the left side of the page).  Also, check out our facebook group for more information.


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The purpose of this organization is to teach the meaning of Christianity by sharing the teachings of Jesus Christ found in the Bible while making the most of our college years. Every week CSA has several Bible discussions, a church service for just college-aged students, a fun Friday night event, and many other events.


Faith and Spiritual

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The general purpose of CSA is to teach the meaning of Christianity as it is presented in the Bible to those who are interested. Further, we aim to make the most of our college years by providing leadership training, counseling and mentoring opportunities, community service and more.

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Anyone who is currently an Auraria Campus Student is eligible for membership. One becomes a member by attending regular meetings.

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Janet Mensah

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Brittney Wright

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Adrian Villa

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Anastacia Sams