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Peer Guide Application (2018)

Deadline to Apply is Friday, February 16 @ 5pm
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Introduction to University Life: Fall 2018

Peer Guide

Position Description & Responsibilities

Peer Guides (PGs) support the transition of first-semester students into the learning community at TCU through their role as mentor, resource, and role-model in the Introduction to University Life course.  Intro to University Life is a 1 credit-hour course that provides students with knowledge and skills to successfully transition into the academic community, and helps students begin to reflect on and display their learning experiences through FrogFolio. The Peer Guide program is coordinated by Dr. Daniel Terry, Course Director for Introduction to University Life. Dr. Terry will also be leading the training and serve as the contact person for Peer Guides.

PGs support the course Instructor and help facilitate discussions and experiences that are fundamental to student success in college, such as understanding the purpose(s) of college, goal-setting, critical thinking and study skills, time-management, identifying campus resources, academic and personal integrity, encountering diverse people and perspectives, and managing stress, as examples.  PGs work under the direction of the Instructor.  PGs do not assess student work.  PGs take a primary role in helping students understand why and how to use FrogFolio to display identity, knowledge, and skills.

PG Responsibilities

  1. Serve as a mentor, resource, and role-model for students in your assigned course section through respectful conduct, supportive feedback, and advice that promotes positive student engagement and well-being.
  2. Be present and prepared for every class session throughout the semester, unless otherwise arranged with the Instructor.
  3. Work to foster a sense of community among students in your section.
  4. Present an appropriate level of decorum and dress while in the classroom.Please do not wear workout clothes, and please do not wear your Greek letters.You are there to help facilitate the course with the Instructor and your dress/decorum should reflect someone in a formal leadership role.
  5. Communicate regularly and meet occasionally with your section Instructor throughout the semester in order to plan class sessions, confer about your role from week-to-week, and discuss other class-related issues.
  6. Assist Instructor in planning class logistics and facilitating class discussions.Offer ideas and suggestions as appropriate, and solicit advice from Instructor about your role.
  7. Maintain confidentiality of students and maintain appropriate relationships.This includes no dating/romantic relationships with students in your class during the semester, as well as any contact involving underage drinking.No one-on-one meetings with students outside of public spaces.
  8. Promote campus experiences and campus resources to students in your section.
  9. Assist as able with marketing and promotion of Intro to University Life at Orientation, Frog Camp, and other similar venues with incoming students.
  10. Meet at least one time with each student in your section outside of class for a mentoring session.
  11. Assist the Instructor with classroom management functions, such as roll-taking, contacting absentee students, spotting students in distress, suggesting campus resources, addressing student questions and concerns, etc. Discuss specific opportunities for facilitation with your Instructor.
  12. Develop an adequate level of competence at FrogFolio so as to be a resource for questions about the purpose and use of FrogFolio.

Important Dates

Apps Open:  Friday, Feb 2
Apps Close:  Friday, Feb 16 @ 5
Start Interviews:  Mon Feb 19
End Interviews:  Friday, Mar 2
Email Decisions:  Friday, Mar 9

Other Important Items

  • Peer Guides must maintain a 3.0 GPA
  • Must have completed at least 4 full semesters at TCU by the beginning of Fall 2018 semester
  • Interviews will be conducted the week of Feburary 19- March 2
  • Students selected as PGs must attend two training sessions in the spring semester and one in August just prior to the fall semester
    Session 1:  Choose either Monday, April 2 @ 4-5:30pm OR Thursday, April 5 @ 3:30-5pm
    Session 2:  Choose either Tuesday, April 17 @ 3.30-4:30pm OR Wednesday, April 18 @ 4-5

  • Each class section meets for one 50 minute session per week for the entire semester.  PGs are expected to attend all class sessions
  • PGs will receive a stipend of $450 for the semester.  (On average, 3 hours of work per week for 15 weeks @ $10/hour)
  • Your class section will meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at a time to be determined based on your fall schedule

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