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Rising Leaders Student Advocate

Rising Leaders Student Advocate (RLSA) will work with high school students in the summer prior to their senior year. RLSA will stay overnight on campus, attend all the workshops with the students, and mentor them during the three day institute. High School students will participate in workshops to explore their self-identity, evaluate their values, practice verbal communication, and start to develop a personal statement. Deadline to apply is Friday, February 16.


  1. GPA requirement: 2.5
  2. One semester at TCU completed
  3. Must attend one leadership scholar seminar by May 2018 (you can make this decision after you find out about your selection status)
  4. StrengthsQuest (included in the application)
  5. Be available from July 17-20th
  6. Attend all training sessions (more information will be provided)


  1. Attend all training sessions
  2. Facilitate high school rising seniors while in small groups and sessions
  3. Facilitate and lead extracurricular activities (including late night activities that may last until midnight-1am)
  4. Serve as liaisons for professional staff and director board

Please contact Trung Nguyen, Director of FYE, at for any problems or questions.

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