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Student Programming Allocations Committee (SPAC) Request

Request Form for the Student Programming Allocations Committee (SPAC). 

Applications for SPAC Funding will be evaluated on the following criteria: 

  1. Applicant is a registered student organization. 
  2. Application was received within SPAC Review Timeline. 
  3. Location Accessibility (is the event on-campus, and if not, does it meet ADA and other accessibility concerns?)
  4. SPSF Fee Accordance (is there an entrance fee or requirement?)
  5. Duplication (has/is this program been hosted somewhere else?)
  6. Budget (fiscally responsible budgeting, used in accordance with SPSF guidelines) note: there is not a minimum, nor maximum amount per request. 
  7.  Program reinforces mission of student organization.
  8. Program supports University's educational mission.
  9. Longevity (is this a sustainable program?)
  10. Safety & Risk Management.

For additional language or questions about SPSF policy, visit 

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