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Rachel Redmond
May 4, 2012

Public Relations Committee

May 4, 2012 by Rachel Redmond

Hello everyone!

Greek Council has gone on summer vacation but there are wonderful opportunities to get involved coming up in the fall! One area we are looking to expand is our public relations. In the past there has been one chairperson in charge of running this but starting this year, there will be a committee. This will help make the workload more manageable and will allow us to make the people of Oakland more aware of Greek life and to keep them updated about all the cool things we're doing. Below is a brief description of the committee positions. Please feel free to take a look through these if you're looking to get involved with Greek Council! It's a fun experience that will help you get involved on campus and within Greek life. Not to mention it looks good on a resume!


This person is responsible for creating and hanging flyers to promote Greek Council events. Should be creative and have an eye for detail. More importantly, this person is the head of the committee and needs to have strong leadership skills. This person will be in charge of any opportunities that come up throughout the year. This person is also expected to go to the Greek Council meetings.


There are so many cool things happening in Greek life that aren't being documented! We will need a historian to photograph and take videos of these events. The pictures will be used for promotion on the Facebook page, GrizzOrgs, OU website, and to create the Greek Life video.

Advertising Director:

There are plenty of opportunities to promote Greek life on campus including ads in the Oakland Post and giveaway items. The advertising director will be responsible for selecting and ordering the giveaway items as well as creating ads in addition to any other ways this person sees room for promotion.

Social Media Director:

Spend some time productively on Facebook and Twitter by becoming the social media director! This person will post about events, fun facts about the chapters on campus, articles about Greek life or our philanthropies and any other interesting information.