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Women's Center Internship Application

Women's Center Internship Program Overview

The Women's Center Internship Program is a student working group devoted to furthering the mission and goals of the GC Women's Center. The Georgia College Women’s Center provides advocacy, gender equity education, resources, advances learning and academic excellence, and violence prevention education.  The Women's Center Internship Program provides an opportunity for students to work closely with the Women's Center staff to advance our objectives by directly participating in the development and implementation of our initiatives.

Each intern has the opportunity to explore the following areas simultaneously, as well as the option to focus on one area in depth.

Community Leadership and Administration
Student interns are offered the opportunity to learn the many facets of creating and maintaining a women centered organization within a University setting.  Students will observe and assist in the day to day responsibilities of operating a multidisciplinary, multi-faceted organization.  Students will learn about strategic planning, funding issues, relationship building and a broad array of responsibilities.  Additionally, concepts of leadership will be explored through traditional and critical lenses.

Research (new area - piloting for the 2013-2014 academic year)
A new goal of the Women's Center (2013-2014 academic year) is to advance research on women, girls, and gender in an effort to diminish gender inequities in society.  Students participating in this working group will have the opportunity to explore the Center’s research agendas, other scholars’ research agendas, and participate actively as research assistants with the Women's Center and our partners.

Program Development
One of the ways the Women's Center achieves its mission is through the development, implementation, and evaluation of educational programs.  To maximize attitude and behavior change, programs are often created as a series with a longitudinal component.  Signature programs include the Women on Wednesday and EMPOWER.  Students will take active roles in developing the program themes, recruiting presenters, researching background information, and participating in the program.

Awareness Events
Another way the Women’s Center achieves its mission is though the development, implementation and evaluation of large scale events. These events often impact large segments of the entire campus and raise awareness during a concentrated period of time. Signature programs include Clothesline Project, Take Back the Night, The Vagina Monologues and the Sexual Health Symposium. Students will take active roles in developing event themes, recruiting presenters, scheduling volunteers, and participating in the program.

Students will learn about the theories and methods of advocating for people seeking support, resources and referrals.  Students will become familiar with the resources the Women's Center relies upon to provide the services and support to individuals in the Georgia College community.  Furthermore, students will learn about the university, local, state, and federal laws and policies related to advocacy.

Students who complete an internship placement with the Georgia College Women's Center will gain valuable knowledge regarding gender and gender inequalities and gain hands-on experience in organizing for social change in the pursuit of social justice.

How to Apply

Internships in the Women’s Center last for one year in duration. If you would like to intern for academic credit, please plan accordingly. Some interns will receive academic credit for one semester of the internship and will receive experiential transcript credit for the other semester. Interns generally work 10 hours per week. A one year commitment is required of all interns.

To be considered for an Internship experience, a complete Internship Application MUST be submitted. Women’s Center Interns should submit a resume in addition to their signed application. Any unanswered questions may delay process and placement. Your request will be processed as quickly as possible; however, please know that requests for experiences required for class or program credit will be processed first – therefore, at certain times of the year, a waiting list may be established for these experiences.

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