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CAD Volunteer Project Request & Site Expectations Form (Spring 2019)

As Xavier University’s largest service experience, Community Action Day (CAD) invites Xavier students, faculty, staff, and alumni – regardless of where they are on their service journey – to step off campus to learn from, grow with, and serve the communities that exist beyond the confines of our university. With a focus on meaningful service accompanied by reflection, CAD seeks to spark compassion for and connection with oneself, the Xavier community past and present, local service agencies, and the neighborhoods and members of the Cincinnati community.

Completing this form is the first step toward partnership with the XU Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice Community Action Day program. CFJ staff and student leaders will review your request form and contact you if your request has been accepted.


Day-of-Service Site Representative: A staff member at your organization must be present to supervise XU volunteers during the entire service project. Supervision includes, but is not limited to, providing orientation to XU volunteers, service project direction, safety instruction, and oversight.

Orientation: Please spend a few minutes giving volunteers a background of your organization. Explain the organization's mission, the work you do, and whom your work benefits. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about your organization’s role in the community.

Service Project Direction: Give volunteers an overview of the project goals for the day, provide context to the project and give a general background information about why the project is important to the community/neighborhood where your organization is located.


XU Student Volunteers: Generally between 5-10 students are available to serve at each community organization site. This number varies depending on the request of the community partner and the number of students who volunteer on the day of service. Please note that there is no advanced registration; student volunteers sign up the morning of Community Action Day.

Approximately 3 hours of service: Due to student feedback, we would like to extend the amount of time we spend with your organization. Volunteers expect to spend approximately three hours on service projects. Please note that we make every effort to be prompt, however there are times when logistical issues cause delays. 

Community Action Day Schedule for Saturday, March 30: 

9:30am: Volunteers depart from Xavier University

9:45am (approximately): students arrive at site—arrival time depends on travel time

*Please spend at least 5 minutes once volunteers arrive doing introductions, providing an overview of the organization and its mission, and an overview of the service project.  

12:45pm-1:15pm: Reflection – volunteers gather to reflect on their service – you are welcome to join them

1:15pm: Volunteers depart

If you have any questions about the project request process, expectations, or CAD schedule, please contact Ryan Spolar. ( If you need to cancel please call his cell phone at 440-773-7988. 

This form closed on March 23, 2019 5:00 PM EDT