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Companion Group Registration 2014-2015

Once upon a time, Ignatius of Loyola discovered it was difficult to be faithful alone.  He and his companions, including Francis Xavier and Peter Fabre banded together to form the Society of Jesus.  What we see as the Jesuit tradition surrounding us on campus started as a simple group of people intentionally gathering to build community and to accompany each other on their journeys of faith.

"What is a companion group?"... you might ask.  Well, this little video will tell you.

Up for the challenge of community?  Interested in exploring and developing your faith?  Use this form to sign up! Groups for the 2014-2015 academic year will kick-off on Thursday, September 25th, in the CFJ office.  Students are invited to sign up and join a group or create a new group throughout the school year.  

There are various Companion Groups with unique approaches and focuses.  Please contact Greg Mellor at if you would like assistance in choosing the group that might best fit you.

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