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Omicron Delta Kappa is a nationally-recognized honorary leadership fraternity.  The Theta Circle at The University of Akron was established in 1922, making it the 8th oldest circle in the nation.  The Theta Circle has a rich legacy.  Many influential Theta Circle members have buildings on campus named after them; for example, Dominic Guzetta (past president), Harry Schrank (past Board of Trustees member), and Dr. Mark Auburn (past Provost).  Other influential Theta Circle members in the community and on campus include Sandra Pianalto (member, J.M. Smucker Board of Directors), Dr. Dale Mugler (prior Dean, Honors College), and prior University of Akron presidents Dr. Scott Scarborough and Professor Matthew Wilson.

As of Spring 2017, there are about 50 active members in our Circle.  We are always looking for more of today’s leaders who want to get involved in our Circle, especially students and faculty who are involved in the following aspects of campus life:

  • Athletics
  • Campus/Community Service, Social/Religious Activities, and Campus Government
  • Creative and Performing Arts
  • Journalism, Speech and Mass Media
  • Scholarship

Applications are open to undergraduate students of at least a junior standing, graduate students, faculty, and staff members on campus.

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Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK), the National Leadership Honor Society, recognizes junior and senior undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty/alumni at Colleges and Universities across the nation who display outstanding achievements in: scholarship, athletics, campus and community service/leadership, journalism/speech/mass media, and the creative and performing arts. ODK was the first college honor society of a national scope and has initiated over 300,000 members since its founding in 1914. We are proud to be the 8th oldest ODK chapter in the country and will be celebrating our 100th anniversary in April 2022.


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