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Nicholas Bordo
Sep 21, 2012

SIG Gaming and UAkronStarcraft Meeting Summary 9/20/12

Sep 21, 2012 by Nicholas Bordo

Thursday 9/20/12
     -The LAN for this week has been canceled because of location problems.
     -October LAN for the 27th?

     -Sadly More information was not released this week and registration has been pushed back another week until the 25th.

      -What you can do in the meantime is go to there website,, and make an account.
             -When making an account PLEASE MAKE SURE TO USE YOUR ZIPS.UAKRON.EDU ACCOUNTS. In order to be eligible to play you must have a University of Akron email account that will be linked with our team.

     -Weekly Practices are now going to be on both Friday nights and Saturday mornings.
           -This is to help people who can’t make saturday morning practices and you do not have to attend both if you do not wish to.
           - Saturday Morning practices are going to be held starting at 11:00am?
           -Thursday Practices will start around 8:00pm?
           -Format for practices will, depending on the number of people, be 4 people to a game. Two players will be playing a 1v1 while the other two obs. Each observer will focus on one of the players, preferably of the same race, and give feedback once the game has ended. Observers are encouraged to make notes with times on them, but it is not required.

    -Raidcall now working!
           -Everything should be set up for Raidcall and we will be using that for communication during practice. Only observers will be on Raidcall during games so that they can talk about the games. 

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Ryan Carr

Registration for League ,,,League opens soon.

Nicholas Bordo

Until today I was unable to make any announcements because information about the League portion had not yet been announced by the CSL, however that information was released today. I will be going into more detail about the League portion at the meeting on Thursday, but in the mean time if you are interested please email so I can keep you up to date. =D

Ryan Carr