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Nicholas Bordo
Sep 13, 2012

SIG Gaming and UAkronStarcraft

Sep 13, 2012 by Nicholas Bordo

SIG Gaming

-SIG Gaming is the subgroup of the ACM which is hosting the UAkronStarcraft Team.

- First LAN is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of the 22nd.
        - Room information is still up in the air.
-Childs play
        - Childs play is a charity event similar to a LAN that is open to the public and has many
           different types of games from Console and pc to table top games.
-Please register on Orgsync for the ACM even if you are not a paying member of the


- Registration for the CSL Opens next week on Sept. 18th
         - I will cover more on the format of the CSL next week since that information has not yet
           been released.
- UAkronStarcraft has a Raidcall group: UAkronStarcraft
         - we will use this chat service to communicate during our weekly practices along with the in game chat channel under the same name.

- We are going to hold saturday practices online.
         - At Least for the first week we are going to try 11:00am for practice.
         - we may do some team monobattles and random team games because those are just
- We also ask that you join the ACM on OrgSync even if you are not a paying member.
         - you can still participate in the CSL team even if you are not a paying member of the

Comments ·

Patrick Hardy

I would do League.

Ryan Carr

Is the meeting today for this? I'm confused.

Nicholas Bordo

This was last weeks meeting. The next meeting is tomorrow Thursday the 20th at 5:30