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Associated Students is the official seat of student governance for the California State University, Long Beach campus. The Student Government division represents the student body, advocates their needs,and defends their interests in dealings with faculty, campus administrators and government officials.

Executive Branch

President - Jose Salazar -
Vice President - Miriam Hernandez -
Treasurer - Wendy Lewis -

Chief Programming Officer - Sabrina Ware -
Chief of Staff - Gabriel Avila -
President's Cabinet
ASI Programming Board

Legislative Branch


Senate/Board of Directors

Board of Control

Lobby Corps

University Student Union Board of Trustees

Media Board

Isabel Patterson Child Development Board of Trustees


Judicial Branch

Portal Information


A student body engaged with the Associated Students and its programs, services and facilities; Student representatives who actively seek the opinions, concerns, and participation of all students at CSULB; and A student electorate who expects its representatives to take a student-centered approach using creative tactics to communicate with students on a face-to-face basis.


Campus Programming

Primary Contact Person

Lindsay San Miguel

Contact Email Address

This should include a listing of the official email address of the student government entity or organization.

Contact Phone Number

(562) 985-5241

Office Location

University Student Union 311