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Accounting Club serves as an organization to encourage student interest and involvement in all areas of the accounting profession. We provide numerous opportunities for students to network with potential employers as well as learn more about the field overall. 

Please note that becoming a member of our OrgSync does not mean you are an official member. You must complete an application and pay the membership fee in order to become a member of the organization. Contact us at with questions! 

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The Accounting Club is a discipline-based social and pre-professional organization open to all students majoring in Accounting or other business disciplines. The organization focuses on improving its members' education, professionalism, and personal growth.


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Brian Maj

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Connect with members on a social and professional level, all while bringing them closer to the outside Accounting world.


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The mission of Accounting Club is to focus on improving its members' education, professionalism, and personal growth.

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We are mainly known for our professional events which allow members to network with various accounting firms and other corporations around Chicago.