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Circle of Change Leadership Conference Scholarship

The 8th Annual Circle of Change Leadership Conference (COCLC) that is scheduled to take place November 17-19, 2017 in Southern California! This year, the Dean of Student Life, along with the Office of Student Life, will be providing scholarship opportunities (for the registration costs) to a select few UCSB Student Leaders. 

The Conference will host  various keynote speakers and accomplished professionals from more than 70 different Fortune 500 companies and organizations such as Nestle, CBS Entertainment, Chipotle, Warner Brothers, Disney, Google, NBC Universal, ASCAP, Teach for America, ESPN, Yelp, NFL Network, and EA Sports to name a few.

In addition to these amazing speakers and panel members, the COCLC team has assembled a team of trained coaches and facilitators from various campuses who will lead  participants in attendance through a series of six empowerment leadership workshops.  These six empowerment leadership workshops will help student leaders develop a leadership identity/brand, increase their social/diversity awareness as a leader, and create a powerful vision and purpose statement to change the world.  These empowerment sessions will also encourage students to develop an ethical leadership compass as well. And lastly, the team that COCLC has put together will help each student leader develop a team of professional mentors, peer mentors/accountability partners, and a strategic action plan to attain career leadership success after the conference is complete.

To help you learn more about the conference, not only do we encourage you to visit our conference website at  

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