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Showing a Movie

If an organization chooses to show a movie, it is important to select high quality entertainment for the campus. But what makes a movie a success? People! Select hard working, eager individuals who are both interested in movies and also desire to be a part of the action. The people chosen will supply the aid and assistance needed to assure success.

How To Show A Movie at UCSB

1. Complete the campus organization registration process at the Office of Student Life.

2. Schedule a University facility and complete the application process through the Campus Scheduling Office, located in the Office of Student Life.

3. Refer to the movie library located in the Campus Activities Center outer office.

1. Read the Movie Resources Binder for information regarding former campus screenings. This report has information about titles, costs, and net proceeds/losses.
2. Look through the New Release files located in the movie catalog library to see what titles are available.
3. Select one or two titles.

4. Set up an appointment with the Office of Student Life movie advisor to complete a Budget and Planning Guide. A Budget and Planning Guide will identify the anticipated costs and responsibilities for showing a movie.

5. Deposit funds indicated on the Budget and Planning Guide into the organization's Office of Student Life trustee account. Organizations can apply for an A.S. Underwrite (loan) if the organization does not have enough funding to support costs indicated on the Budget and Planning Guide. All funds must be deposited into the organization account a minimum of fifteen working days before the program.

6. Ticket sellers are required at all movies. An A.S. Ticket seller will be provided at your organization's expense. The A.S. ticket seller will issue a check for your proceeds to Office of Student Life, and it will be deposited directly into your trustee account. This process can take a week.

7. Implement the organization's publicity campaign. Refer to the Office of Student Life Publicity Brochure for some effective advertising strategies.

8. Show the movie. Be sure to recruit enough members to help set up and monitor the event.

9. Clean the theater after the screening.

10. Remove posted materials after the event.

11. Follow up with the Office of Student Life accountant to determine the organization's net proceeds. It takes several weeks for all of the expenses to clear.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you think the movie selected will make money? Office of Student Life can only provide an educated guess based on the data in the Movie Resources Binder and how well a movie has been received by the general public. OSL discourages showing movies available on video.

2. What other movies are already planned this quarter? Check with a Office of Student Life movie advisor for movies that are pending and those that are confirmed.

3. Are there any buildings on campus other than Isla Vista Theater and Campbell Hall where movies can be shown? In addition to Isla Vista Theater and Campbell Hall, Chemistry 1179, Broida 1610, Girvetz 1004, and Buchanan 1910 have all been used for movie screenings.

4. What is the seating capacity of campus theater/lecture halls? Theater/Lecture Hall Seating Capacity

Campbell Hall 860
Isla Vista Theater 525
Chemistry 1179 354
Broida 1610 304
Buchanan 1910 279
Girvetz 1004 206

5. Where can we post our advertisements? Movies are specifically licensed for non-theatrical showing only. Advertising through media such as public radio, public television, and a general public newspaper is prohibited. Advertising is limited to campus only. Advertisements can be used to inform students or campus staff through bulletin boards, mail boxes, campus newspapers, campus radio, and campus services. Copies of the Campus Regulations and a one page handout of posting guidelines are available at OSL.

Anyone needing special arrangements to accommodate a disability may contact the Office of Student Life, Student Resource Building, 893-4550