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Planning a Dance

Dances are a wonderful source of campus entertainment as well as an opportunity for campus organizations to fundraise. The average earning of a dance is about $200. If you are responsible for your organization's dance, the following tasks need to be completed according to the time frames established by the Office of Student Life.

At least fifteen working days before your event date:

1. Select a DJ/performing artist to provide entertainment. A.S. Program Board has a resource file of available DJs and artists. The Program Board office is located in UCen 1519.

2. Reserve a university facility to stage your dance. Carrillo Dining Commons is a venue that is often booked for this type of event.

3. Meet with a OSL advisor and complete a Budget and Planning Guide. This Guide will enable you to itemize anticipated event costs, define program responsibilities, and establish admission cost.

4. Complete a written agreement and/or a OSL Performance Agreement and have it signed by an authorized organization representative and by the entertainer. A written agreement should identify who is responsible for providing the technical support, set-up, performance hours, entertainment costs, and any other performance requests.

At least ten working days before your event date:

1. Develop and begin to implement a comprehensive publicity campaign. Information and suggestions regarding how to publicize your event are available through OSL.

2. Contact a Police Lieutenant at the Public Safety Building. Be prepared to discuss the following: your target audience, whether the dance is exclusively for members, anticipated attendance, beginning and ending times, and a dance security plan. After this discussion, the Lieutenant will determine the required number of CSOs to staff your dance, and will sign off on your Budget and Planning Guide.

3. Return the signed Budget and Planning Guide to OSL for an advisor's signature seven working days prior to the event. You will then receive a completed copy of the form.

4. Deposit the total anticipated cost itemized on the Budget and Planning Guide into the organization trustee account. The trustee account number is located at the OSL front desk. Deposits are made at the UCen Cashiers Office, between 9:30-3:30 pm week days.

5. If your organization needs financial assistance to support the event, A.S. Underwrite Board can make partial loans of the cost itemized on the Budget and Planning Guide. See a OSL advisor for Underwrite information.

6. Recruit volunteers to provide support for publicity, set-up, monitoring and clean-up. Keep a list of who is responsible for each task.

The week of your event:

1. Double check with campus service providers to ensure the services you requested will be completed by the time requested.

2. Pick up the DJ/artist's check from the OSL.

3. Implement your publicity plan.

4. Ticket sellers are required at all dances. OSL will arrange for an A.S. Ticket seller, and the cost will be included in the Budget and Planning Guide.

5. Meet with the A.S. Ticket Seller scheduled to work at your dance and review any special requests, e.g. guest list, complimentary tickets, multiple ticket prices. A.S. Ticket Seller schedules are located in the A.S. Cashiers Office in the UCen.

The night of the event:

1. The advertised starting times, ticket prices, and admission policies are not to be changed.

2. Dance proceeds are not to be used for paying on-site expenses or any other incurred expenses. All dance proceeds must be deposited into the sponsoring organization's trustee account.

3. The responsible student identified on the Budget and Planning Guide is the only student who is permitted to talk with the A.S. Ticket Seller about cash handling practices or admission procedures.

After the event:

1. Make sure your organization has cleaned-up the facility and removed all posters and publicity from the campus.

2. The A.S. ticket seller will issue a check for your proceeds to OSL, and it will be deposited directly into your trustee account. This process can take a week. Funds will be available to your organization after all incurred event expenses are paid, at least 5 working days after the event.

Anyone needing special arrangements to accommodate a disability may contact the Office of Student Life, Student Resource Building, 893-4550