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Fundraising Fundamentals

For many campus organizations, fundraising events are an effective method to earn income. Success requires good program selection, excellent timing, careful execution, and dedicated group members.

Fundraising Guidelines

The following guidelines are applicable to fundraising events sponsored by registered campus organizations. More detailed information can be found in the Campus Regulations available at OSL.

* Campus-wide fundraising events, with the exception of those sponsored by AS. organizations must be approved by OSL.

* All income received from a campus fundraising event must be deposited into the sponsoring organization OSL/AS. trustee account. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action. This includes money earned through contributions, solicitations, campus ticket sales, donations, and/or membership dues.

* Income earned may be used to support activities which are in accordance with the purpose of the organization.

* Organizations may raise funds through organization membership by collecting initiation fees and dues. Members may also solicit voluntary contributions (donations) at their programs or meetings.

* Organizations may use campus tables to raise funds in open free speech areas. Tables must be 25 feet from all entrances and exits to campus buildings. Organizational activities may not disrupt normal University business.

* Organizations may sponsor commercial enterprises desiring to see their products on campus. All contracted agreements must be reviewed by a OSL advisor.

* Organizations may sponsor performing artists and/or events. These events must be reviewed and in many cases approved by OSL.

Planning a Fundraising Event

The OSL advising staff can assist with the budgeting and planning process for a successful event. The following steps are recommended when planning a fundraising event.

1. Make sure that the organization is registered. Only registered organizations may sponsor fundraising events on campus.

2. Determine what kind of fundraising event is desired. Information on fundraising ideas can be found in the OSL Resource Library.

3. It generally takes funds to make funds! If an organization is short on available funds and needs working capital to start a fundraising event, there are several possible options:

1. Apply for an A.S. Underwrite (loan).
2. Use membership dues as capital.
3. Identify co-sponsors, i.e. other campus organizations or department sponsorships.
4. Use personal funds which can be reimbursed following the event.
5. Apply for vendor/corporate sponsorship grants. A list is available at OSL.

4. Plan the event. Sometimes certain programming details are overlooked during the planning stages. The advising staff at OSL is available to assist with this process to ensure a successful event.

5. Advertise the fundraising event as effectively as possible. Banners, posters, flyers, radio spots, newspaper advertisements and public service announcements are all effective strategies. Refer to the OSL Publicity brochure for more suggestions.

6. When in doubt, contact the OSL. The advising staff can assist with program development and fundraising strategies.

Fundraising Ideas
The following suggestions are types of fundraisers which an organization may want to sponsor:

1. Sales Items are very labor and capital intensive fundraisers. To have a successful sales fundraiser, members must be very dedicated and establish concrete sales projections. Timing, the right product, and a committed membership are essential for raising funds. Sales average about $300.00 in net income. Check with the OSL front desk to pick up the handout which explains how to sell on campus with a selling permit form attached. Possible sales items:

1. Arts/Crafts
2. Drawings
3. Bake Sales
4. Theme sales, e.g. hats
5. Holiday sales, e.g. flowers on Valentine's Day
6. Appointment books/calendars
7. Film poster sales
8. Plants, flowers, balloons
9. Game booths
10. Coupon book sale
11. Organizational T-Shrits

2. Services are another popular fundraising event. To be successful, an excited, dedicated membership is required. Timing and good planning are necessary for a successful event. Multiple services are offered in our community.

1. Carwash
2. Cleaning apartments
3. Childcare
4. Distribution of publications

3. Showing a movie is not done as frequently as in the past. Selecting a very popular title and timing are necessary for success.

4. Special Programs

1. Dances on campus can be financially successful and require limited overhead cost. Dances are not labor intensive and average $200.00 in net receipts.

1. DJ
2. Band - Local group
3. Theme, e.g. 50's, 60's, etc.

2. Concerts require both capital and labor. The right talent and timing are critical for success. Net receipts can vary from a negative $800.00 to a positive $1500.00.

3. A-thons - coordination with established area a-thons is essential. Successful a-thons require a lot of work, but are a great and fun way to raise funds. Members can also participate in another group's a-thon and raise funds through pledges.

4. Suitcase party, i.e. drawing tickets are sold to all who attend, one couple wins a trip to San Francisco, Hawaii, etc.

For more information on any of these ideas see an Office of Student Life Advisor.

Anyone needing special arrangements to accommodate a disability may contact the Office of Student Life, Student Resource Building, 893-4550