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Organization Overview

Small changes can make a big difference in our world. This garden will provide a common ground for students to interact with each other and the land in a way that is beneficial to their mental and physical well being. Simultaneously, this garden will create a medium for the university to bridge the gap between theory and the real world while giving students a sense of ownership for their campus —thus, blooming gathered respect for other students, faculty, and facilities. For a young generation of students, knowledge of how to grow their own food, food policy issues, and the benefits of sustainable growing practices are of upmost importance to the outlook of our planet. For the community at large, we foresee this project to be a model for other community gardens through advocacy, education and outreach by UofL students. The University of Louisville is an exceptional fit for a campus garden for a number of reasons: -A great number of students are interested and involved in environmental issues who can provide the leadership essential to the success of such an endeavor; -The garden would support the mission of the University of Louisville to become a premier metropolitan university by providing experience in team and project coordination, inner-locked with the city’s interests in food security and public health; -It would increase the value of campus life; and -The garden would be a positive tool to educate students who will in turn educate the community of importance of local foods and sustainable livelihoods.

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Keywords garden, plant, compost, grow, earth, farm, harvest, nurture, community
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Cultural Center, University of Louisville



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