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SLL Involvement Application

Note: As of 2/19/2015 we do not have any positions open at this time. Our next round of interviews will be April 8 and it will be for all positions for the 2015-2016 year.

If you are interested in applying for a chair or board position within Student Life & Leadership, please complete the following form. To complete this application, please review positions and ready your resume to download. All SLCCSA positions descriptions are available here; please take a few minutes and review these open positions before completing this form, so you know what position to apply for, and what downloads you will need.

Qualifications:  Board members - 2.5  Sem/Cum GPA), register and earn 9 credit hours for the semesters you will serve. Chairs - 2.5 Sem/Cum to serve (3.0 to receive full compensation*), register and earn 12 credit hours for the semesters you will serve. Those already involved in SLL will need to completely fulfill their current agreements.

*To be eligible for a full tuition waiver* students must have a 3.0 Sem/Cum GPA. Those already involved in SL&L will need to completely fulfill their current agreements.

Students must attend weekly meetings and leadership class, and depending on their position provide 5-10 office hours each week. The term for these positions continue until May of 2015. Different boards meet on different campuses and office hours need to be completed on the campus where the board meets, unless stated differently.

*Only Utah residents are eligible for tuition waivers. Those not eligible may receive a stipend, although it will be less than a waiver. Eligibility is determined by SL&L and the Financial Aid Office, so those already with financial assistance may not be eligible.

Applications are due Monday, April 6 2015 at noon.

This form closed on April 7, 2015 3:45 PM