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New SLCCSA Club Request

This form is to guide you through the steps of forming a new student club or organization at SLCC or restarting a club that has been inactive for more than three years.

Clubs and organizations are a great way to meet other students with similar interests and enhance your educational experience while developing life-long skills. Student clubs and organizations serve a variety of roles within our College.  They are responsible for the majority of the activities and events that take place outside of the classroom.  Involvement in extra-curricular activities is at the heart of the student’s college experience and the foundation for the development of the campus culture. 

As you are looking to start a club there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Check SLCCSync to ensure that the Club you want to start doesn't already exist, if it does contact the current club president and join that club. Does the club you want to start, meet a need of students at the college. Are there other students who want to join and participate in the club and club activities. 

Here is a list of things you need to have as you are starting you club: 

  1. A name for your organization
  2. A purpose statement
  3. A statement of how this club meets the mission and core values of Salt Lake Community College (you can find those here: )
  4. Members: At least five currently enrolled SLCC students
  5. Person of Contact: Must be a student with 9 credit hours
  6. An Advisor: Every club must have an advisor who is a full-time employee or faculty member here at SLCC. Students must reach out to faculty or staff members and explain purpose of the club and expectations.  The SLCCSA Club Office may aide in guiding clubs in finding an advisor but it is up to the club to reach out and establish relationship. 

If you have any questions or need help with any of these steps please contact the clubs office at, or at 801-957-4072. We are located in the Student Life & Leadership Office, Student Center 124.

Here is the information you need to have completed and on hand to complete this application:

  • A name for your organization
  • A purpose or mission 
  • A statement of how this club meets the mission and core values of Salt Lake Community College
  • Members - at least five currently enrolled SLCC students
  • An Advisor - every club must have an advisor. An assistant or co-advisors are also encouraged

After submission and approval, you will be contacted for a New Club Orientation with your club President, Treasurer, and Advisor, and any other members you would like to invite.

If you do not hear from the Clubs Office within seven days after submission, please call 801-957-4072. 



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