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Bernardo Celis
Nov 30, 2017

Storke Tower Carillon Bell Recital

Nov 30, 2017 by Bernardo Celis

Come for an unforgettable opportunity to listen to Storke Tower's Carillon Bells live!  This coming Saturday morning, Dec. 2, at 10 a.m. the five UCSB carillon students will present a carillon recital.  The exciting part is that those sitting down below will be able to hear the bells playing live and also access a Music Department Facebook account to be able to watch the performers on their iPhones! There will be programs with the contact information.  We suggest that listeners bring a blan...

Bernardo Celis
Nov 29, 2017

Behavioral Change Forum Fri Dec 1st Talk: 11am-12pm and workshop 12:30pm-2:00pm, University Center, SB Harbor Room

Nov 29, 2017 by Bernardo Celis

Based on the work of Stanford researcher BJ Fogg, this seminar will introduce a powerful way of understanding behaviors and as well as the key levers to use for successful behavior design.  Behavioral Change Forum Friday, December 1st, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm: Talk 12:00pm-12:30pm: Lunch Break at the Hub (attendees are asked to pay for their own lunch or bring their own lunch) 12:30pm-2:00pm: Workshop Location: University Center (please see rooms below) Principles of Behavior Design (11:...

Eduardo Santana III
Nov 29, 2017

Pozole Fundraiser

Nov 29, 2017 by Eduardo Santana III

Are you busy studying for finals? I'm going to assume yes, which means you have no time to cook yourself a delicious home cooked meal! Well, Raices De Mi Tierra has Gaucho back! Come out and buy yourself a delicious bowl of Pozole made with love, just for you! 

Bernardo Celis
Nov 27, 2017

Active Minds 11/28-30 Succulent Fundraiser

Nov 27, 2017 by Bernardo Celis

Active Minds is hosting a succulent fundraiser at Lot 22 (across from SRB) from Nov 28 - 30, from 10 am to 2 pm on each day! Plants are known to have various mental health benefits and they'll make great gifts for the upcoming holiday season. You'll also be supporting a wonderful cause as all the proceeds will go towards increasing resources for mental health awareness and helping create a stigma-free campus. Please come out, share this, and support Active Minds! Check out our event on Face...

Bernardo Celis
Nov 15, 2017

CAPS Wellness Worshops

Nov 15, 2017 by Bernardo Celis

With only a few weeks left in this quarter, you might be feeling the need to prioritize your mental health issues while also attending to your other responsibilities. Check out these quick, drop-in Wellness Seminars at CAPS designed to give you tools and strategies to deal with some common mental health issues.

Bernardo Celis
Nov 13, 2017

Breathin': The Eddie Zheng Story

Nov 13, 2017 by Bernardo Celis

This is a documentary about a Chinese immigrant who became the youngest prisoner at San Quentin State Prison at the age of 18. While in prison, he was sent to solitary confinement for nearly a year. Despite being released from immigration custody in 2007, Eddie awaits a final court decision in deportation hearings. With the looming possibility of deportation, Eddie must negotiate what it means to “live freely” — attempting to rebuild a family, reconcile with his victims, and make a lasting ch...

Dana M Yuen
Nov 8, 2017

Oxfam America 2017 Hunger Banquet

Nov 8, 2017 by Dana M Yuen

Oxfam America at UCSB presents the 2017 Hunger Banquet! The Hunger Banquet is an interactive event meant to put into perspective and bring to light the hunger issues and extent of inequality present in our world. Participants are split into three tiers – high, middle, or low-income – based on the latest information and statistics about poverty. Each group is given a meal and placed in a setting reflective of what people in these groups eat and experience on a daily basis in real life. This ...

Bernardo Celis
Nov 6, 2017

Pizza with the Humanities: Conversations about Careers

Nov 6, 2017 by Bernardo Celis

Save the Date! Come talk about careers in Humanities with alumni over pizza. See you Nov. 15, in McCune Conference Rm (6020 HSSB), 5-6:30 pm.

Bernardo Celis
Nov 3, 2017

Workshop on Behavior Change

Nov 3, 2017 by Bernardo Celis

Behavioral Change Forum Friday, December 1st, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm: Talk 12:00pm-12:30pm: Lunch Break at the Hub (attendees are asked to pay for their own lunch or bring their own lunch) 12:30pm-2:00pm: Workshop Location: University Center (please see rooms below) Principles of Behavior Design (11:00am-12:00pm) Santa Barbara Harbor Room, University Center The secret to moving the needle on healthy behaviors is to leverage the innate tendency of people to create habits. Based on the w...

Bernardo Celis
Nov 2, 2017

CalTeach Recruitment

Nov 2, 2017 by Bernardo Celis

Have you ever thought of becoming a science or mathematics teacher?  Do you enjoy learning about learning? Then join CalTeach — a UC system-wide program to recruit, support, and prepare exceptional science and mathematics teachers! CalTeach ( is an interdisciplinary program that prepares you to teach mathematics and science.  The program offers a Minor in Science and Mathematics Education, featuring two tracks -- one for prospective elementary teachers and...

Bernardo Celis
Oct 23, 2017

Pizza & Knowledge: Majors and Careers

Oct 23, 2017 by Bernardo Celis

Join us for Pizza and Knowledge!

Danielle N Quiñones-Ortega
Oct 20, 2017

Student Starter Kit

Oct 20, 2017 by Danielle N Quiñones-Ortega

Student Starter Kit.pdf Click to View

Wendy Cordova
Oct 19, 2017

Celebración de la Gente: Día de los Muertos| Donate & Volunteer!

Oct 19, 2017 by Wendy Cordova

Greetings Gauchos, The Latinx/a/o UCSB Networking Association (LUNA), a campus organization for faculty and staff among other UCSB community groups, is excited to host the Celebración de la Gente: Día de los Muertos—Silence Auction to benefit the Dream Scholars Fund on Thursday, November 2 from 4 pm – 7 pm. An essential element to the success of this event is your help! Faculty, staff, students, community members can contribute by: Donating original art pieces please, make a commitment...

Bernardo Celis
Oct 17, 2017

The Healthy Campus Network Announces New Events!

Oct 17, 2017 by Bernardo Celis

Healthy Campus Network Open Forum Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm Location: University Center, Santa Barbara Harbor Room  Are you interested in helping UC to become the healthiest place to live, work, and learn? The Healthy Campus Network (HCN), a program of the UC Global Food Initiative, aims to do just that.  Embracing the full wellness wheel, HCN explores issues of physical health, emotional and psychological health, social and cultural health, professional and academic heal...

Bernardo Celis
Oct 16, 2017


Oct 16, 2017 by Bernardo Celis

Did you take part in a fantastic summer internship opportunity or research experience?  Want to share all about it to inspire other Gauchos?  THEN WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! All you have to do is answer a few short questions, along with your name, major and where you worked, about your summer opportunity including: 1.         Briefly describe a typical day at your internship/research/volunteer experience, such as the type of training you received or project you worked on. Any highlights or f...