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Results of SGA 2017 Elections

*Winners Marked with Bold, Italics, and Asterisks


Executive Board:

Students Serving Students: 201*
President: Aeisha Kangan
Vice President: Nadet Najjar
Secretary: Olga Grech
Treasurer: Kyle Stephens

Undergraduate Senators:

Senior Class Senator:
Constantine Kiriakou 147*
Mary Ribar 95

Junior Class Senator:
Connor Gray 219*

Sophomore Class Senator: 
Rachel Iacofano 136*
Isiah Mowery 106

Undergraduate At-Large:
Marty Barnard 64*
Cameron Caputi 50*
Maram Eadeh 34*
Nick Fink 24*
Mehul Gamara 24*
Jamie Maxwell 21*
Kourtney Husnick 18*
Adam Cook 15*

O'Conner Wilson 11
Courtney Gast 9

Undergraduate Senator - Business:
Emily Stankovic 73*
Brice Bechtel 43*
Andrew Pasco 33
Ihsaan Tayeh 29
Julia Boychuk 29
Eliot Oreskovic 15

Undergraduate Senator - Education And Human Services:
Maria Tirabassi 109*
Zachary Pichler 81

Undergraduate Senator - Engineering:
Megan Keleman 62*
Matthew Martis 55* 

Matthew Walsh 55
Adam Beebe 38

Undergraduate Senator - Liberal Arts & Social Sciences:
Samia Shaheen 105*
Cali Parey 64*

Sam Notman 63

Undergraduate Senator - Nursing
Vincent Cardamone 195*

Undergraduate Senator - Science
Gabby Cvengros 109*
Kayla Barillas 104*

Undergraduate Senator - Urban Affairs
Erykah Betterson 99*

Graduate Senators:

Graduate Senator - Education And Human Services:
Melissa Moon 195*

Graduate Senator - Engineering:
Harsha Patil 230*

Graduate Senator - Urban Affairs:
Daniel Kloos 109*

University Judicial Board:

Johnnie Benson 207*

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The Board of Elections (BOE) serves an an independent entity whose primary responsibility is to oversee all election related functions and events for the Student Government Association (SGA). The BOE works to ensure that the SGA election process is conducted in a fair and transparent manner, and provides an audience for students, faculty, and staff to address any election related questions or concerns. The BOE also acts in a consultation capacity to any recognized student organization that requires assistance with their election process.



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