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Welcome to the

APICS CSU OrgSync Group!



Greetings to All APICS student members!


We would like to take this opportunity to personally welcome you to our APICS CSU student chapter, and encourage you to participate fully in our activities throughout the year.  So you’re probably saying to yourself, “what’s the big deal?”  Well allow us to break it down for you:

        1. By choosing to become an APICS member in the first place, you recognized APICS as the fastest growing professional organization for operations and supply management professionals in the Untied States, many of whom got their initial start just like you, at the college level.
        2. You’ve come to recognize the educational leadership available from APICS and their sound adherence to proven process improvement theories and best practices.
        3. Unlike other worthy societies, APICS doesn’t simply focus on one aspect of supply management, but instead looks to all facets that touch the procurement, manufacturing, financials, packaging, distribution, and reclamation cycle. This means we’re fully aware of the industry hiring/ career requirements and together with the OSM Department we offer courses, trainings, certificates, workshops that your future or current employers find extremely desirable.

         4. Internships, job placements and professional networking events are part of the core APICS CSU focus. We understand that internship experience, prestigious job placement and connection to the OSM industry are the valuable goals of all CSU OSM students. Therefore, APICS team encourages you to connect with all our social and communication channels to stay informed about the next job/internship opportunity for you.
        5. APICS student members have access to APICS professional members through monthly APICS Professional Development Meetings (PDM’s) and of course a whole library of free publications, but more importantly, we have a wonderfully close relationship between our CSU student chapter and the Cleveland professional group that takes an active interest in our growth and success as up-and-comers.
        6. Lastly, you’re part of a team of dedicated OSM majors who have not only a keen interest in the fields of operations and supply management; but also we all hope to start, foster and grow a successful career. Let's get involve and let' build it together !

Become an official student member of the APICS National Chapter apply through the link below.

Student APICS Membership Apply:



The Best Way to Connect: 

1. OSM Department Website:

2. The APICS OrgSync: Calender, News & Facebook

3. Join the OSM Department LinkedIn group for upcoming internship/job opportunities postings:

4. Request to join Dr. Oya Tukel's mailing list:


          All Executive meetings are open to all APICS members too. We hope to see you at our upcoming APICS meeting and fill you in on some of the great events we are planning for this semester. We love to get your feedback too!

Welcome Aboard!

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