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Welcome to NABA's Homepage!

Join us for NABA's first general body meeting on Tuesday, September 13th at 4:45pm-5:45pm at the DePaul Center (Loop Campus) in room 11013. Come out for free food, meet the board and hear all about what NABA DePaul can do for you!

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The mission of NABA, Inc. is to address the professional needs of its members and to build leaders that shape the future of the accounting and finance profession with an unfaltering commitment to inspire the same in their successors.

The Association shall unite through membership accountants, finance and business related professionals and students who have similar interests and ideals, are committed to professional and academic excellence, possess a sense of professional and civic responsibility, and are concerned with enhancing opportunities for minorities in the accounting, finance and business related professions. The goals of the Association include, but are not limited to, the following:

To promote and develop the professional skills of our members
To encourage and assist minority students entering the accounting profession.
To provide opportunities for members to fulfill their civic responsibilities.
To promote public confidence in our members and the services they provide
To encourage cordial relations among members and cooperative relationships with other professionals
To represent the interests of current and prospective minority accounting professionals
To ensure long-term financial stability and provide adequate resources to implement chapter, regional, and national programs.


Academic/Pre-Professional Undergraduate Student Organizations

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Dr. Kelly Richmond Pope

Connection to DePaul Mission

How does your organization live out the mission of DePaul?

This mission statement embodies the principal purposes of DePaul University. As such it is the nexus between past, present and future; the criterion against which plans are formulated and major decisions made; the bond which unites faculty, students, staff, alumni, and trustees as an academic community. As a university, DePaul pursues the preservation, enrichment, and transmission of knowledge and culture across a broad scope of academic disciplines. It treasures its deep roots in the wisdom nourished in Catholic universities from medieval times. The principal distinguishing marks of the university are its Catholic, Vincentian, and urban character.

All programs and events we implement during the year support our mission of "Lifting as We Climb". Through this motto we seek to nurture the relationship between minority students, faculty, and alumni throughout the School of Business. We promote scholastic excellence by co-sponsoring study sessions, civil leadership by participating in volunteer activities as a group, professional growth by hosting networking events and office visits, camaraderie by organizing social outings. These programs help forge lifelong bonds between our members and alumni.


What is your organization's purpose/mission?

The purpose of our organization is to help students transition into professionals and to serve as a network for minority business students.

Organization Highlights

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NABA Night on the River
Company Presentations
Close Network with Big 4 Accounting Firms and Large Corporations