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Welcome to the Midwest Associate of Hispanic Accountants portal. We are looking forward to meeting with you and showing you what MAHA is all about. 

Remember our MAHA Week is next Week starting the September 18th through the 21st. MAHA week is free for our Premium Members, but is $10 per event for non premium members. 

RSVP at the links below:

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Day 2: RSVP:

Day 3: RSVP:

Day 4: RSVP:

Feel free to reach out to us at


MAHA E-Board

Portal Information


The Midwest Association of Hispanic Accountants is a student organization dedicated to increasing awareness and sharing business information among students at DePaul University. The organization is open to all students who are in the Driehaus College of Business. The organization encompasses three aspects of development: academic, professional, and community.

MAHA Week!
Resume Workshop
Mock Interview
Beyond the Big 4 Panel
Big 4 Panel
Social Event
Workshops with firms

All of these events will typically take place at 4:30-6pm.
The first 30 minutes will be open to our members (as priority to network with the professionals and recruiters).

Other events are:
Community Service
Fall Corporate Dinner
Dia de la Familia
General Body Meetings hosted by different firms


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Elizabeth Murphy

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We live out the mission of DePaul by assisting students at DePaul to excel in their careers and academic lives while also encouraging students to help each other be successful.


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The organization shall be open to all undergraduate and graduate DePaul students pursuing a degree in the College of Business and College of Computing and Digital Media, regardless of age, race, or gender. The organization strives to enhance three aspects of development: academic, professional and community, while encouraging camaraderie among its members. The organization will promote excellence and high ethical standards among members, recognize outstanding scholastic achievements of members, and assist and cooperate with the rest of the DePaul community. The organization will also subscribe to the common objectives of the young professional student: to develop relations with the business sector that will help students excel in their respective careers and to promote the economic interest and well-being of members within the profession.

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Fall Corporate Dinner
Dia De La familia
Spring Banquet
General Body Meetings
ALPFA Case Competition