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Dear Prospective Member of the Black Student Union,

We are pleased that you have taken the opportunity to learn more about our organization here at DePaul University. With such a rich history of involvement that dates back to 1968 we take much pride in how we engage the Black community on campus. The Black Student Union believes in developing a strong sense of community for black students on campus. We want our members to enjoy being a part of our organization and feel that they are contributing to it in everything that we do. The Black Student Union is a resource here for students and we provide our members with the necessary materials to excel within DePaul University. Whether you need assistance in financial issues, cultural awareness, social engagement, or academic assistance, the Black Student Union can point you in the right direction.

We do not only exemplify diversity as people of African descent, but represent an array of beautiful people from different backgrounds. Membership is open to any DePaul University student regardless of race, creed, color, gender, sexual preference, religious affiliation, major, full or part-time status, commuting or residing on campus.

We look forward to having you become a part of our community. Membership includes gaining valuable insight into the larger Black community at DePaul, becoming eligible to vote and/or run for office in spring quarter elections or committees throughout the year, as well as learning about campus events, programming and scholarships.

We hope to be in contact with you soon.


The Black Student Union

Portal Information


The Black Student Union of DePaul University is an organization that fosters community empowerment and unity among students of African descent as well as its minority counterparts.The BSU provides an outlet for students of African descent to voice their opinions and implement positive change through events and awareness.


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Antonio Porter

Connection to DePaul Mission

How does your organization live out the mission of DePaul?

This mission statement embodies the principal purposes of DePaul University. As such it is the nexus between past, present and future; the criterion against which plans are formulated and major decisions made; the bond which unites faculty, students, staff, alumni, and trustees as an academic community. As a university, DePaul pursues the preservation, enrichment, and transmission of knowledge and culture across a broad scope of academic disciplines. It treasures its deep roots in the wisdom nourished in Catholic universities from medieval times. The principal distinguishing marks of the university are its Catholic, Vincentian, and urban character.

The three main focuses for the Black Student Union is Advocacy, Resource and Community. Which primarily tie into the Vincentian values of Advocacy for the Poor, Compassionate Service, and Respect. Our events will allow us to not only advocate for the benefits of higher learning, but to also advocate for DePaul as a university that understands the unique struggles students of color may face. Acting as a resource for students, we will be able to provide them with the necessary tips, advice and honesty, that they will prove useful for their success. We strengthen the community within our campus, by unifying people from all different aspects to volunteer together and discuss together.


What is your organization's purpose/mission?

The Black Student Union intends to unify people of African descent at DePaul University.

To implement positive and interactive programming for students of African descent that uplifts and empowers.

To establish and maintain a relationship with students of African descent at DePaul University for the sole purpose of unifying our efforts against the dividing factors that have affected us historically.

To represent students of African descent at DePaul University and advocate on their behalf.

To unify all organizations within DePaul focused on students of African descent while cultivating the overall DePaul community.

Organization Highlights

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Soul'fo Monday
Shadow Day
Old School vs. New School game
Black Film Festival
Black Health Fair
Black Panther Breakfast