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Organization Overview

This is a fun group of students with similar interests in physical therapy. There are one to two meetings a month with guest speakers from your local physical therapy clinics, and from different PT schools. We offer volunteer opportunities, career services representatives with great info, pre-professional health advisors that can answer questions, and up-to-date info in the PT world. Please feel free to come to a meeting or look us up on facebook; look up "Pre-Physical Therapy Club" or use the following address:

Category Professional-Arts & Sciences
Keywords Physical Therapy, pre-professional, PT, Volunteer opportunities
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Professional-Arts & Sciences

Organization Purpose:

In 25 words or less, copy or summarize the organization's purpose as stated in the organization constitution.

To give pre-physical therapy students intending to apply to physical therapy schools the opportunity to be informed of expectations in many facets of the field, from school application processes through professional practice.

Membership Requirements:

Indicate any classification or academic requirements listed in the organization's constitution, i.e.-dues, G.P.A. etc. Membership must be open to all Texas Tech students without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or national origin. Within an organization, differing membership status may not exist based on race, religion, gender, orientation, disability, or national origin.

Members must have an interest and intention of applying to a physical therapy program. Participation in outside activities, such as volunteer opportunities and attendance at meetings is strongly encouraged. Payment of the dues for each year is also required.

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