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Travel Advisor's Role & Responsibilities

The opportunity to serve as an advisor for students attending a professional conference is priceless. Often students return from these travel experiences with a newfound excitement that cannot be duplicated in a traditional classroom experience. It is these travel opportunities that often determine a student’s career goals and aspirations. For an advisor to play a role in a student’s development is pivotal to his/her success at MSU Denver.

All students (both undergraduate and graduate students) must have a Travel Advisor (full-time faculty member or administrative staff member) agree to accompany them on the trip. Students will not be eligible to apply for funding unless they have an approved Travel Advisor. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the proposal and presentation.

Faculty/Staff may only serve in the role of the travel advisor for a maximum of 3 proposals for the same conference.  One advisor may not accompany more than 3 groups/pairs/individuals to one conference. This rule applies to all types of funding (group, pair, individual).

‌Please note the deadlines for proposal submissions. There will not be any exceptions made to these deadlines. The Travel Advisor must adhere to all MSU Denver travel policies. If the mode of transportation decided upon is an automobile, the advisor must either travel in the same car or in a caravan situation, with the students.

Additionally, the Advisor must agree to abide by and complete this form.  In addition to completing this form, the advisor must attend the student presentation.

Once funding as been received the Advisor will work with the Lead Student and Director of Student Travel to make the student(s) travel arrangements. Prior to the trip the Director of Student Travel may need the Travel Advisor’s signed Pre-Travel Authorization Form. Upon return from the trip, the Director of Student Travel may need the Travel Advisor’s signed Post-Travel Authorization Form.

International travel requires the signatures of both the Provost and the Associate Vice President, Student Engagement & Wellness on the TA form.  

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