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Advisor Agreement Form

The relationship between an advisor and an advisee can be both rewarding and fun.  It is important that the relationship can be defined from its start, in order to clarify what the advisor and advisee hope to gain from each other.  This setting up of mutual expectations will help to create an open atmosphere, will help to prevent misunderstanding between the advisor and advisee, will help the advisor and advisee to set realistic goals for themselves and for the program, and will help to maintain an effective relationship.

One important role for an advisor is to act as a resource to the organization.  The advisor brings personal experience and expertise to a student organization.  This can be crucial to the success of the group.  In addition, the advisor generally has ha experience with the university system and can often provide significant directions to students in ways of getting things done within the university setting.

The advisor must be willing and able to devote time and energy to the student group.  This is not to say that an advisor must attend every meeting or activity of the group, however, he or she should maintain a continuing contact with the officers of the organization.  The officers of the organization and the staff int he Office of Student Life have a responsibility to keep you informed.

The Office of Student Life and Engagement is here to assist the faculty/staff advisors as well as the members of the group.  Please contact our office any time with questions, comments or suggestions.  We can be reached at 404-270-5144.

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