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Welcome to the College Activities Board!!!

The College Activities Board (CAB) is a student-run organization. CAB's goal is to bring diverse entertainment, activities, and a variety of fun events on and off campus. CAB's budget comes from student fees, so it is committed to hosting events that students voice interest in. CAB provides quality activities throughout the year for the campus to enjoy.

How can you get involved in CAB?

CAB has at least three committees that you can get involved in. A member of the Executive board runs the committee and meets with his/her committee weekly to plan events! Students involved in CAB have opportunities to work with artists, agents, and other organizations on campus.

Participation in CAB is welcomed and encouraged!

For more information, contact the CAB office at (563) 588-7203, email CAB at


2013-2014 Executive Board Members:

Claira Sieverding- President

Dani Peyton- Traditions Programmer/Vice-President

Megan Fitzpatrick- Communications

Tim Nass- Treasurer

Maggie Douglas- Graphic Design

Megan O'Neill- Programmer

Emma Smith- Programmer



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