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Welcome to Alternative Spring Break!

Do you want to make a difference?  Have you ever wanted to become more involved in volunteering, but never did because you never felt like you had the time or the opportunity to?  Do you want to meet new people and develop new skills? 

Well, Alternative Spring Break is the organization you have been looking for!  We are a student volunteer organization that strives to make a difference on our week-long spring break.  This organization gives any Oakland University student the opportunity to volunteer in year-long community events, as well as a week long alcohol and drug-free volunteer trip out-of-state.


Spring Break Trips 2016

AIDS Service of Austin

Located in Austin, Texas, this organization's mission is to improve the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS. They provide resources, housing and facilitate prevention programs for those affected. Students will help with making prevention kits and working at a local food bank. 

Beans and Rice

This organization strives to improve the life of low-income families through hunger-relief, after-school programs, and promoting economic stability. It is located in Pulaski, Virginia. 

Victory Living

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Victory Living provides services and opportunities for those living with disabilities.  

Give Kids the World

Give Kids the World is a resort and theme park for terminally-ill children and their families.  On this trip, in Kissimmee, FL, volunteers will help with a variety of things, such as serving food to families in the Gingerbread House or operating rides, such as the Carousel or Lori's Magical Flight. All of the attractions at the park are helped run by volunteers.

ASB trips include volunteering, food, housing, transportation, reflections, and sight seeing opportunities.  ASB looks great on a resume and is an awesome way to network with people of different majors and races.  There are leadership opportunities for those interested in being an executive board member.  E-board consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Site Leaders (main trip planners), Site Facilitators (help plan trip; are in charge of trip reflections and free day activities), Weekend Trip Coordinator, Seasons of Service Director, and Marketing Director.


Portal Information


Alternative Spring Break is a non-profit, student initiative-led organization that works on various community service projects around the country. Numerous trips take place during the month of February (OU Spring Break). Spring Break 2015 will offer service opportunities in 4 different locations.



President's Name

Cassie Stoutenburg

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Vice President's Name

Virginia Fielhauer

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Treasurer's Name

Melissa McDonald

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Secretary's Name

Brianna Walter

Secretary's Email

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Advisor's Name

Emily De Lano

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Coordinator of Leadership and Service Learning

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12:00 AM

Selection Process

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In order to join Alternative Spring Break on an overnight service trip, you must attend informational meetings. Applications will be available on grizzorgs at the beginning of the Fall Semester. Local volunteer projects are open to all OU students.

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