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Welcome to Alternative Spring Break!

Do you want to make a difference?  Have you ever wanted to become more involved in volunteering, but never did because you never felt like you had the time or the opportunity to?  Do you want to meet new people and develop new skills? 

Well, Alternative Spring Break is the organization you have been looking for!  We are a student volunteer organization that strives to make a difference on our week-long spring break.  This organization gives any Oakland University student the opportunity to volunteer in year-long community events, as well as a week long alcohol and drug-free volunteer trip out-of-state.


Spring Break Trips 2018!

Varieties Peaceable Kingdom

Located in Killeen, Texas at Varieties Peaceable Kingdom is a camp that has been empowering children with special needs since 1963.Variety provides financial assistance directly to children with special needs, serving hundreds of children with life-saving surgical procedures, customized wheelchair accessible vans, service dogs, or anything that might empower a child with special needs.

Gods Love We Deliver & VISIONS

In New York, New York you will be working with two organizations throughout the week. Gods Love We Deliver is an organization that works to improve the health and well-being of men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other serious illnesses by alleviating hunger and malnutrition. The other organization you will be working with is VISIONS. An organization that offers individual and family vision rehabilitation training at home, counseling and social services, employment training and job placement for the blind and visually impaired. 

Victory Living

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Victory Living Programs provides individualized services and opportunities to persons with disabilities so that they may experience life to its fullest and reach their highest level of independence.

Give Kids the World

Give Kids the World is a resort and theme park for terminally-ill children and their families.  On this trip, in Kissimmee, FL, volunteers will help with a variety of things, such as serving food to families in the Gingerbread House or operating rides, such as the Carousel or Lori's Magical Flight. All of the attractions at the park are helped run by volunteers.

FEAST, Verner, Women's Wellness

On this trip in Asheville, North Carolina you will be spending the week working with three organizations. FEAST empowers youth and families to grow, prepare and enjoy fruits and vegetables through hands on cooking and garden education. Verner fosters wholistic learning environments where young children and families thrive. And lastly, Women's Wellness works with the unfolding of women's wisdom, pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Want to learn more about ASB 2017-2018 trips? ASB INFO SESSIONS will be held... 
-October 5th: Room 208, Oak View Hall @ 3:00pm 
-October 13th: Gold Room C, Oakland Center (OC) @ 11:00am

**ASB Info Session PowerPoint can be found under "files" --> "participant resources" --> "ASB info session PowerPoint"

ASB trips include volunteering, food, housing, transportation, reflections, and sight seeing opportunities.  ASB looks great on a resume and is an awesome way to network with people of different majors and races.  There are leadership opportunities for those interested in being an executive board member.  E-board consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Site Leaders (main trip planners), Site Facilitators (help plan trip; are in charge of trip reflections and free day activities), Weekend Trip Coordinator, and Seasons of Service Director.


Portal Information


Alternative Spring Break is a non-profit, student initiative-led organization that works on various community service projects around the country. Numerous trips take place during the month of February (OU Spring Break). Spring Break 2018 will offer service opportunities in 5 different locations.

Want to learn more about ASB 2017-2018 trips? ASB INFO SESSIONS will be held...
-October 5th: Room 208, Oak View Hall @ 3:00pm
-October 13th: Gold Room C, Oakland Center (OC) @ 11:00am



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Sarah Deo

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Maddie Wright

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Noah Nicholl

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John Janes

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In order to join Alternative Spring Break on an overnight service trip, you must attend informational meetings. Applications will be available on grizzorgs starting October 5th. Local volunteer projects are open to all OU students.

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