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January SWE Meeting Poll - Please respond as soon as possible!

This poll was open from Jan 7, 2016 11:00 AM until Jan 10, 2016 11:45 PM.

Hello all,

To kick off the new semester, we thought we'd try something different! Our member meeting will take place at Painting With a Twist (on Rochester Road)! Bring a friend if you want!! This is a chance to get to know more people and paint something great! All members will have to pay and register for their own seats; this is not a SWE-sponsored or paid for event. 

We have two possible dates - either January 23rd or January 29th. Please vote on which date you would be available (or both if applicable) by Sunday, January 10th - the poll will close then. Each seat costs $35 and you must register by yourself online. After the date is decided, an email will be sent out prompting you to register online! We hope to see you all there, hopefully we could even grab dinner after!





Poll Results

Painting With A Twist: Saturday, January 23rd, 4 - 6pm
Painting With A Twist: Friday, January 29th, 630 - 830 pm
Total Votes 11