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Rachael Ross
Nov 15, 2015

Student Philanthropy Month!

Nov 15, 2015 by Rachael Ross

Hello everyone!

We are participating in Student Philanthropy Month! Oakland University is trying to get students more involved with Philanthropy and giving back, and so are having a contest! Each of the student orgs that have signed up get a crowdfunding page, and there are prizes for the student orgs that participate:

Participation Score*:

$1,000 for highest number of student donors

$500 for runner-up

$250 for second runner-up

*The office only counts donations of $5 or higher for this score.


Fundraising Score:

$1,000 for highest total dollars raised from student donors

$500 for runner-up

$250 for second runner-up

ACM@OU is participating in this! While it would be nice to win, we are focusing on mainly trying to hit our fundraising goal of $100! If you have gotten anything from our student org, considering donating a small amount! Our crowdfunding page is here, with more information about our campaign:

Also, anyone can donate, not just students! While donations by people other than students will not count toward the contest, it will count toward reaching our goal!

Thank you for considering donating!



Eric Le

When is the last day to donate?

Rachael Ross

December 7th