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Organization Overview

The American Marketing Association at Oakland University is an award winning organization. Our purpose is to assist students with their professional development. We provide opportunities to learn about business and marketing experiences outside of the classroom. All students and all majors are welcome to join.

Category Academic (Business)
Keywords marketing, business, academic, advertising, professional
President's Name

Maria Arellano

President's Email

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Vice President's Name

Louis Teeter

Vice President's Email

Must be ""

Treasurer's Name

James Shermetaro

Treasurer's Email

Must be ""

Secretary's Name

Andrew Fusco

Secretary's Email

Must be ""

Advisor's Name

Professor Pisharodi

Advisor's Email
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Selection Process

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To become an official member of the AMA you must attend two professional development activities, one community service event, and one fundraiser per semester. You must also fill out a membership packet and pay a $10 membership fee.

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