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Club Sport Application

Every club sport organization is required to apply or reapply for recognition each year. Club sport recognition will be determined on a rolling basis upon completion of the Club Sport Application form. Students submitting a Club Sport Application will be required to meet with the Club Sports Subcommittee of the Student Life committee. The subcommittee will take into account not only the information contained in the Club Sport Application, but the actions and management of each club from the previous year, if applicable. Upon review of the application, a recommendation will be made to Student Council to either approve or reject the request for recognition. If the application is rejected, an application may be resubmitted after consulting with the Director of Student Activities and the Intramural/Club Sports Coordinator. If the application is accepted, please note that the subcommittee reserves the right to suspend or revoke the charter of any club sport, at any time, at their and Student Council’s discretion. The Club Sports Subcommittee advises the Student Council on the recognition of a club sport, however, Student Council has the final say on the approval and rejection of a club sport application.

Members of the Club Sports Subcommittee:
• Member of the Student Life Committee, who will serve as chair
• Member of the Budget and Finance Committee
• Director of Student Activities and Greek Life
• Intramural/Club Sports Coordinator

INSTRUCTIONS: Please be sure to complete all sections of the application. Incomplete applications may delay the recognition process. Please note: If you are a new club sport you will be required to meet with the subcommittee in person in addition to the completed application.

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