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Organization Overview

Spanish Club at UAB seeks to provide students with an abundance of opportunities to be immersed in the Spanish language and in the Hispanic culture. We support the UAB Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures by attending their events as well as providing opportunities for cultural credit for Spanish students. There will be activities consist of: meetings, regular social gatherings, and volunteer opportunities at UAB or with community organizations that focus on the Hispanic community in the Jefferson County area.

Category Cultural
Keywords Spanish, Hispanic, club, latino, language, culture
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The Spanish Club desires to see all students acquire a passion for the Spanish language and the Hispanic culture. We are closely involved with the UAB Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. We support them by attending many of their events and by providing cultural credit opportunities for students. We also volunteer with local community organizations that are involved with the Hispanic community in Jefferson County. A few of these organizations are HICA and Cahaba Valley Health Care Clinic. We also seek to build friendships through regular social events.

Selection Process

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Students must be students at UAB. They also must regularly attend to meeting and participate in activities.

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Ansley A Godwin

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Roberto Mayoral-Hernandez

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