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Welcome to the Stetson Environmental Club!

Our organization is a leading force in hands-on environmental management and conservation. We strive to not only speak of change but to become the change so that we can walk into a sustainable future. Our goal is to engage the hands and minds of the Stetson community by tackling environmental and sustainability issues on and off campus. Join us in our mission and with your help we will continue to broaden our influence and protect our environment!

Be sure to follow our Facebook Page (Stetson Environmental Club) @ and our Instagram @ sec_stetson_environmental_club

Portal Information


Stetson Environmental Club seeks to spread awareness of sustainability through various service events, club meetings, and cultural credit events. We promote sustainable practices on campus and encourage students to be green. We volunteer at community gardens, nature preserves, state parks, and wildlife refuges. We feel that living green is the future and seek to help students understand what that means in terms of practice.



Primary Student Leader Name:

If no primary leader can be determined, a liaison must be selected for communication purposes.

Stephanie Hanson

Primary Student Leader Position:

Ex/ President, Chair, etc.


Primary Student Leader Stetson Email:
Treasurer/Finance Manager Contact Name:

Student Government, through its Finance Committee, facilitates the budget and funding request process. This individual, along with the primary student leader contact will receive all related communication. This cannot be the same person as the primary student leader.

Justin Pinero

Administrator Use Only
Treasurer/Finance Manager Contact Position:

Frequently the organization's treasurer.


Treasurer/Finance Manager Contact Stetson Email:
Faculty or Staff Advisor Name:

Wendy Anderson

Faculty or Staff Advisor Position:

Please list the department and title.

Environmental Science Chair

Faculty or Staff Advisor Stetson Email:
Meeting Day:


Meeting Time:

6:30 PM

Meeting Location:

Sage 218

Mission Statement:

Engage the hands and minds of the Stetson community by tackling environmental and sustainability issues both on and off campus.

Social media and web presence:

Please list all sites and handles/usernames used including but not limited to a website, facebook page or group, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Facebook Page - Stetson Environmental Club
Instagram - SEC_Stetson_environmental_club