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Colin A Smith
Jan 16, 2013

New OrgSync Feature: Classifieds!

Jan 16, 2013 by Colin A Smith

In the wake of the end of FirstClass, it has come to our attention that students miss the opportunity to post previously used textbooks for sale or indicate they are looking to purchase a book. Our new Classifieds portal, which can be found on the left-hand side navigation, is a place all Furman students can conduct that business, and other similar requests.

Happy selling... or buying!


Clayton Burton

I did a search for "Classifieds" and found it that way. I also see it as an "Organization" when I hover on Organizations at the top and then "Add Organization". Was there a link to it in the post somehow or an easier way to find it? Looks like the URL is

Colin A Smith

Clayton, It is searchable but is also one of the featured groups on the community homepage - lefthand side toolbar, alongside Heller Service Corps, FU Greek Life, Spiritual Life @ Furman, SGA, etc.!

Fred Miller

When should someone use the classifieds board on MyFurman, and when should they use the one on OrgSync?