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Welcome to the African Student Union homepage. We are honored to be visited. If you have any questions feel free to contact any of the executives.

President: Jide Oyedeji (

Vice President: Amire Sako (

Secretary: Adeola Odufuwa (

Treasurer: Chinonye Olumba (

Organizer: Sophia Ehioubuche (

Assistant Organizer:

Public Representative: Tawana Chakanyuka (

Assistant Public Representatives: Jean-Michel Omanga (


You can visit us on our website by following the link below:

You can also join our Facebook group by following the link below:


Thank you.

Portal Information


African Student Union is an organization set up to represent Africa and African culture on Indiana State University campus. Its mission is to sell Africa to ISU and the Terre Haute community. The organization provides support and welcomes all Africans on campus and anyone that would like to know more about Africa.


Cultural and International

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African Student Union

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Cultural and International

Statement of Purpose

ASU seeks to provide information about Africa and African culture to the community and also present the other side of Africa which is not always seen in the media.

Chief Executive Officer's Name

Jedi Oyedeji

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Chief Membership Officer's Name

Tawana Chakanyuka

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General Meetings are Fridays at HMSU room 407 at 6pm biweekly.

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