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Spring 2018 Practice Schedule:

* Tuesday, 7:00 - 10:00 PM, Auxiliary Gym (Activity Center) 
* Thursday, 7:00 - 10:00 PM, Auxiliary Gym (Activity Center)

To participate, you must pay $30 dues per 2 semester (you may have one free practice) and fill out the liability waiver.

To fill out the waiver, go to and click on login near the top. Then select University of Texas at Dallas and login with your student id/password. After that, go to the organizations tab and click on "Add Organization." Search for Table Tennis Club and request to join. After you are accepted, you should find the Liability Waiver under "Forms" on the left side of the page.

President- Ganesa Parmar
Vice President- Ketan Parmar
Secretary- Bryan Xie
Historian - Kim Luu

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We all play table tennis as a hobby and are always looking to improve. New players are always welcome!


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The goal of the members and officers of this club is to increase awareness and interest in the sport of Table Tennis. Through this club, it is the hope that members will be able to give each other pointers and motivate each other to play table tennis better with the hope that others may also acquire the health benefits, challenge, enjoyment, and sense of well-being that comes with engaging in this well-rounded sport.


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President Name

Ganesa Parmar

President's UTD Email

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Advisor Name

Chris Gormley

Advisor UTD Email

If you do not know the UTD email please use the UTD directory to look it up.