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Hello there! I see you are interested in fencing! If you want to learn or try your might in duels then stick around, inexperienced and experienced welcomed. My name is Abdiel Gonzalez and I am taking the initiative to re-establish the fencing club, I am doing this humbly and am willing to have past members orient me on the way things should go. Meeting times have been decided to be every Sunday starting on April 1st at Clemente Center 5-7pm in the Intramural Gym and Fridays 3-4pm Starting Friday April 13th. Feel free to contact me at, or 407-300-3666 if you have any questions and I'll direct you to your answer or ignor...find someone to answer your question...yeah that's it.



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The fencing club is open to experienced and inexperienced fencers. Equipment is available to those who do not have their own. Currently we fence for recreation only and do not compete outside of the school, but hope to start being competitive next semester

Meetings this semester will take place in the intramural gym at the Clemente Center on Fridays and Sundays. Fridays at 3-4pm and Sundays at 5-7pm.

Email Abdiel Gonzalez at,
Micah Oltmann at


Club Sport

Meeting Day

Friday, Sunday

Meeting Time

Friday's 3-4pm, Sunday's 5-7pm

Meeting Location

Intramural Gym, Clemenete Center

President Name

Abdiel Gonzalez

President Email
Additional Contact Name

Micah Oltmann

Additional Contact Email