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Trip and Travel Itinerary Form

Xavier University Trip and Travel Policy

The following policy describes the parameters for planning official, university sanctioned trips by offices, departments and all student organizations of Xavier University.  Trips off-campus can sometimes pose legal risks for the university, and as such, the policies contained herein are enacted in order to protect not only Xavier University, but all individuals associated with the planning and execution of said trips. 

Please read through this travel information thoroughly before beginning the initial planning process of any trip. 

  • All groups must submit a copy of the Trip and Travel Itinerary Form to the Office of Student Involvement on behalf of the group planning travel no less than 14 business days prior to travel
  • Once received, you will receive email notification from the Office of Student Involvement. 
  • Groups should also submit one copy of the Trip and Travel Itinerary Form and all necessary waivers (see below for information on University Waiver Forms)  to Campus Police prior to travel.
  • Groups should take a copy of the Trip and Travel Itinerary Form plus all necessary waivers with them on their trip. 
  • When you submit your Trip and Travel Itinerary using this form, you will have the opportunity to download and print a PDF copy of your submission form.  
    Make sure to download and print a PDF copy for your records! 
  • For questions about the Trip and Travel Itinerary Form or policy, contact the Office of Student Involvement at 513-745-3004, or Gallagher Student Center Suite 210. 

Definition of Trips

There are many different types of trips that members of the university can participate in.  They are defined below. 


 Day Trips  


These trips are usually day-long excursions.  Trip participants leave and return to campus the same day.  Examples of such trips include:  neighborhood community service projects, bus trip to local events and locations, business-related meetings or seminars.

Overnight Trips

These trips have participants traveling, usually though not always, a significant distance from campus, and as such, will be staying in off-campus accommodations.  Examples of such trips include:  retreats, most sports-related travel, and conferences.

International Trips

As a result of these trips, participants are staying in accommodations outside of the country.  Examples of such trips include: some sports-related travel, study abroad programs, service project trips.

Itinerary Submission

To be considered an officially sanctioned trip by Xavier University, organizations must submit their Trip and Travel Itinerary at least two weeks before the scheduled date of the trip.  Note:  International Travel / Study Abroad will require far greater lead time - as much as a full semester.  Any and all groups wishing to travel must complete in full the Xavier University Trip and Travel Itinerary Form, which then must be received by the proper Authorization Official, listed below: 

Club Sports: *

Assistant Director of Recreational Sports
James Alexander
O'Connor Sports Center

Student Clubs / Organizations / Student Working Groups

Senior Director for Student Affairs
Leah Busam Klenowski
Office of Student Involvement
Gallagher Student Center - Room 210

* May require additional forms


Confirmations will be emailed following verification of the request.  The Office of Student Involvement reserves the right to change and/or cancel a trip or travel request at any time.  For questions regarding this policy and request procedures, contact the Office of Student Involvement at 513.745.3004 or

Appeals Process

The Office of Student Involvement reserves the right to deny the approval of any trip and travel request.  To appeal the denial of a request, please contact the Office of Student Involvement at 513.745.3004 or


Trip funding will not be authorized until a copy of the completed Xavier University Trip and Travel Itinerary form is given to the Director of Student of Involvement.  Requests for Checks / Cash and Purchase Orders will not be processed without this.  In addition, while individuals are permitted to use personal finances to pay for initial travel requests, no reimbursements will be made unless trip was confirmed prior to purchase. 

Booking Travel

Xavier University has a partnership with The Travel Authority, a local travel agency.  Groups are permitted to use this service, although it is not required.  Individuals are free to make travel arrangements on their own, with the knowledge that any reimbursements for personal finances used to make sure arrangements will not be processed without a completed copy of the Xavier University Trip and Travel Itinerary Form.  While the university prefers that trip participants use professional travel (i.e. airlines, bus companies, rental cars, etc.) participants are permitted to use their own personal vehicles for travel, at their own personal liability. 


Any and all university sanctioned trips require an authorized employee of Xavier University to participate in the trip as official chaperones.

University Waiver Forms

Xavier University requires all student clubs and organizations traveling, hosting, or participating in activities with unusual risk to complete appropriate wavier forms.

Visit to locate the forms and complete instructions.  If you have any questions about wavier forms, please contact Mary Beth Townsley at or 513.745.2090. 

Policy Review and Amendment

This policy is subject to annual review and amendment based on suggestions received during the year.  When conditions warrant, a review committee may be called together to develop recommendations. 

If you'd like, you can download a blank PDF version of this form.