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Outdoor Event - Space Reservation Form

Outdoor Event - Space Reservation Policy

The following policy describes the parameters for reserving space and conducting events in Xavier University’s outdoor venues.  The policy exists to enable these events to be conducted in an orderly fashion, considerate of the University community and its surrounding neighbors. All other applicable Xavier University policies apply.

The following outdoor venues are administered by this policy:

  • Academic Mall:    Academic Mall includes the grassy area between Bellarmine Chapel and Herald Ave/Dana.
  • Xavier Yard:  Xavier Yard includes the North Yard (area between Gallagher Student Center and Husman Hall), South Yard (grassy area in front of Hoff Dining Commons), and Upper Yard (Fenwick Place Rooftop).

Reservation Procedure
The Office of Student Involvement manages reservations for the outdoor venues administered by this policy.  Use of the space for events without a reservation will not be allowed.  Xavier University offices, departments and recognized student organizations may reserve these spaces free of charge on a first come, first served basis using the online reservation form. 

Third parties may use these venues free of charge if sponsored by a recognized Xavier University office or organization; otherwise a fee of $50 per hour up to a maximum of $400 will be assessed.  The Senior Director for Student Affairs will screen reservation requests.  Third parties must complete the University’s Standard Facility Use Agreement and comply with any necessary insurance requirements, often including a certificate of insurance listing Xavier University as additional insured.  Insurance requirements may be waived at the discretion of Risk Management.  For details, visit Xavier’s Risk Management and Insurance website at

Reservation Confirmation
Reservation confirmations will be emailed following verification that the space is available. The Office of Student Involvement reserves the right to change and/or cancel a reservation at any time.  For questions regarding this policy and the reservation procedure, contact the Office of Student Involvement at (513) 745-3004 or

Appeals Process
The Office of Student Involvement reserves the right to deny the approval of any reservation request. To appeal the denial of a request, please contact the Office of Student Involvement at (513) 745-3004 or 

Alcohol Service and Use
Ordinarily alcohol will not be served at outdoor events.  If alcohol is to be served at these venues, it must abide by the University’s Alcohol and Other Drug Policy. Please review the policy for complete information.

Amplified Sound
Events with amplified sound may be permitted and must abide by the noise-level agreement between the University and its surrounding neighborhoods.  Events on the Academic Mall will be scheduled with consideration of their impact on the teaching environment.  Events on the Xavier Yard will be scheduled with consideration of their impact on the residence hall environment and neighbors living on the residential mall.

Noise-level readings will be taken by Xavier Police at appropriate property boundaries or at a neighborhood source of complaint, as appropriate.  A sound pressure level reading of 60db or louder at Xavier’s perimeter and beyond will be considered inappropriately loud.  Event organizers will be given one opportunity to lower and keep the sound below this level.  A second infraction will result in an event’s immediate termination and dispersal.  When an event requires contracting with independent performers, a clause outlining compliance with the Xavier University noise-level agreement will be written into the contract.  Failure to comply will be treated as a breach of contract with penalties attached. 

Audio/Visual Support
The Gallagher Student Center has two Liberty Systems available for reservation by recognized student organizations on a first come, first served basis.  The Liberty Systems are portable sound systems that include microphones, speakers, speaker stands and CD players.  If additional electrical support or power supply is needed, contact Physical Plant at (513) 745-3151 or If additional audio/visual support is needed, groups should contract with an external vendor, at the expense of the sponsoring group.

Chalking is not permitted on the stone pavers on the Academic Mall or Xavier Yard.  Chalked messages may only be placed on flat, horizontal, concrete surfaces in the locations designated in the Outdoor Posting Policy. 

Groups are expected to maintain the general cleanliness of the outdoor venues.  Sponsoring groups are responsible for removing all decorations and placing all refuse in appropriate trash receptacles.  Waste receptacles are available upon request from Physical Plant. Clean-up must begin immediately following the event and conclude within the reservation timeframe.  If an event is deemed to be of sufficient size or scope, janitorial service may be required at the expense of the sponsoring group. Groups failing to maintain the cleanliness of the space may be assessed a cleaning fee.

The sponsoring organization agrees to assume full responsibility for any loss, damage or cleaning beyond reasonable wear and use of the outdoor venues.  Groups are responsible for any and all damages resulting from their use.  Student Involvement reserves the right to bill any organization or department for damages or losses resulting from the use or misuse of the venues.  The Office of Student Involvement does not assume responsibility for damage to or loss of any materials or equipment left in the venues.

Equipment Needs
Physical Plant provides assistance with requests for tables, chairs, recycling/trash receptacles, and grills.  To request equipment for an outdoor event, complete the Event Set-Up Form early in the planning process so that Physical Plant can help meet your needs.  For questions about equipment related needs, contact Physical Plant at (513) 745-3151 or If the event requires large amounts of equipment such as tables, chairs, staging, trash cans, etc., such that it exceeds the available Physical Plant inventory, the group reserving the venue must contract with an approved off-campus vendor to rent these items at the expense of the sponsoring group.

In accordance with the Student Handbook, events held in outdoor venues must abide by University policies.  These include political activities, public speakers, controversial events, and demonstrations and protests. Full text of these policies can be found at

Fire and Open Flames
Events involving fire or open flames in the outdoor venues require additional approval and safety safeguards.  Contact the Office of Student Involvement for consultation.  Physical Plant has a fire pit available for limited use reservation for the Husman stage area only.  The pit may be reserved through Physical Plant. 

Food and Beverage
Xavier’s Dining Services does not have an exclusive catering contract for the outdoor venues included in this policy.  As such, sponsoring groups may provide their own food and beverage.  However, if alcohol is served at the event, both food and beverages must be contracted through Xavier’s Dining Services.  Groups may contact Xavier’s Dining Services for catering support at (513) 745-3717.

A fundraiser is any attempt by a recognized student organization to raise money for its own purposes, to support a program or event, or to benefit a charity. Permission to conduct a fundraiser in an outdoor venue must be obtained from the Office of Student Involvement via completion of the Fundraising Permit Form.

Grills and grill pads are available from Physical Plant and can be reserved by calling (513) 745‐3151.  All groups using a grill must provide their own charcoal, lighter fluid, and matches.  At no times shall a grill be left unattended.  Grill pads are required.

Hours of Use
Xavier University will adhere to the local ordinances of Cincinnati and Norwood.  As such, the normal outdoor reservation ending time will be 10 p.m. unless exception is granted by Xavier Police.  Such exceptions may be granted if it appears reasonable that the event will not be a source of disturbance to the campus community and beyond.

Notice and Complaints
Sponsoring organizations are expected to provide advance notice of large outdoor events to targeted community members in the neighborhoods surrounding these venues.  During an event, complaints from the surrounding community may be conveyed to Xavier Police at (513) 745-2000.  Based upon investigation of the complaint, Xavier Police will take necessary action to ensure that the event is in compliance with University policies and local ordinances.  A copy of the police report will be forwarded to the Associate Provost for Student Affairs for follow-up.

Other Outdoor Venues
The following is a list of outdoor campus venues not covered by this policy.  For information about those venues, contact the representative listed.

Venue Approval Representative Phone Email
Buenger Courtyard Kevin Prothero, Residence Life x4217
Cintas Center Sedler Plaza Grace Sweeney, Cintas Center x3428
Commons Courtyard Erin Lambka, Residence Life x4998
Gallagher Student Center Awning, Concourse, Patio Debbie Romanello, Gallagher Student Center x3205
Husman/Kuhlman Backyard Matt Jones, Residence Life x3367
Intramural Fields/Courts Glenn Arnold, Recreational Sports x3671
O'Connor Parking Lot Leslie Dulle, Recreational Sports x3209
O'Connor Sports Fields Glenn Arnold, Recreational Sports x3671
Village Courtyard Erin Lambka, Residence Life x4998

Parking and Vehicle Access
Event parking will be coordinated by the event sponsor and Xavier Police.  Based upon anticipated attendance figures, parking may be available in student and staff lots.  Priority parking will be given to faculty and students who are attending classes.  Due to sprinkler systems and the fragile nature of the lawns and brick pavers, vehicle access is rarely permitted.  In those rare circumstances, Xavier Police and the Physical Plant Grounds Department will be consulted.  

Signs/flags may be posted in the outdoor venues to advertise a campus program or event, recruit membership for a campus organization, support a student election campaign, or raise awareness about a cause or issue. The content and intent of the sign/flag posting must abide by the terms and conditions of the Xavier University Student Handbook.  For details about sign/flag posting refer to the Outdoor Posting Policy.

Events involving projectiles from the top of campus buildings or across outdoor venues require additional approval and safety safeguards.  Contact the Office of Student Involvement for consultation.

Safety and Security
Xavier Police may be required to provide security at outdoor events at the expense of the sponsoring organization.  The number of officers will be determined by the Chief of Police based upon such variables as expected attendance, alcohol distribution, and venue.  For assistance with event security, refer to the Event Security Planning Guide and/or contact Xavier Police at (513) 745-2000.

Solicitors, sales persons, or canvassers seeking student contact may not use the outdoor venues for sales or solicitations. This includes the distribution of any materials, handbills, flyers or literature.  Individuals engaged in such activities will be asked to leave the premises. Failure to do so will result in contacting Xavier Police.

A student organization or University department wishing to sponsor a non‐University group must submit a letter of sponsorship to Office of Student Involvement, signed by the president of the sponsoring organization or the department head. No reservation will be taken until this process is completed.

The sponsoring organization assumes responsibility for the actions of the organization that they are sponsoring, including:

  • Financial responsibility: The sponsoring University organization is liable for all expenses billed to the organization using University spaces whether these expenses result from routine use and fees or from extraordinary circumstances or damage to Xavier facilities. The sponsor must provide a budget code for billing.
  • Program content responsibility: Programs should be in line with the educational mission of Xavier University and should benefit Xavier students and the University community. External programs must not conflict with classes or services offered by Xavier University.
  • Event planning and production responsibility: The sponsoring University organization must take an active role in planning the event with the sponsored organization. This includes assuring compliance with University policies and reservation guidelines.

In order to minimize damage to the underground irrigation system in the grassy areas, the use of stakes is not permitted in the venues administered by this policy.  Temporary structures, such as tents and inflatables, should be held in place by sandbags and water barrels where possible.  For more information and tips for securing these structures, contact Physical Plant at (513) 745-3151 or early in the planning process so they can properly meet your needs. 

Violations of Policy
Violation of this policy may result in the following actions taken singularly or in combination:

  • Immediate termination of the event                                                                         
  • Payment for any labor, repair, or replacement costs incurred because of the violation
  • Forfeiture of the use of the space for a stated period of time
  • A fine levied against offices, organizations, faculty/staff, students, or outside groups that violate this policy
  • Conduct proceedings in accordance with an individual/group’s University classification
  • Referral to other campus offices as deemed appropriate

Alleged violations may be referred to the Associate Provost for Student Affairs and/or designee.

Policy Review and Amendment
This policy is subject to annual review and amendment based on suggestions received during the year.  When conditions warrant, a review committee may be called together to develop recommendations.

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